Cardi B Talks About Her Postpartum Emotions

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Almost five weeks have passed since Cardi B gave birth for the first time to her daughter Kulture and like many new moms, she is deep in the throes of postpartum emotions. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper and has always been pretty straightforward about her opinions and feelings so, even despite issues like postpartum depression being a major taboo topic amongst Latino communities, the recent mom has been keeping her followers informed about her up and down moods on Instagram on the regular.

In a post to her Instagram stories on Tuesday, Cardi vented her frustration over her high and low postpartum emotions.

CREDIT: iamcardib / Instagram

Speaking about the period  that begins immediately after a person gives childbirth, in which a new parent’s hormone levels and uterus size reverts to its typical non-pregnant state, the rapper wrote “This postpartum s**t is annoying. Like I been emotional all f**king day for no reason.”

In another post to the platform, Queen Belcalis expressed her frustration with postpartum once again.

As a Dominicana, Cardi B was raised in a community where postpartum depression is severely overlooked and often considered off-topic. This is despite the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) describes the postnatal period as the most significant phase in the lives of new mothers and babies.

One example of the many mislead beliefs that condemn mothers dealing with postpartum emotions or postpartum depression came from a user who commented on Cardi B’s post about her “emotional struggle.” Tagging another user in Cardi B’s post, the commentator wrote “Your the only other person who might be going through this too lmao. Mommyhood should be fun. ????????????.”

Fortunately, many of Cardi B’s fans have extended their love and support for this time in Cardi’s life and even applauded her for speaking up about how she feels. “This is how postpartum got me ????????The emotional struggle. BARDI vs BELCALIS,” she wrote in a caption for a video that featured one man speaking to himself about not feeling normal or the way that he usually does, one user wrote.

Another user wrote to Cardi B directly “Girl I had my baby two days after you so I Know! Hang in there;”

Last month, the rapper announced that she was stepping away from her tour with Bruno Mars in a post to her social pages where she explained “I underestimated this whole mommy thing…I hope you guys understand. This have been such a hard decision. I want to thank @brunomars for understanding.”

The outpour of support Cardi has received from her fans in response to her posts has been beyond encouraging.

1 week after birth ❤️????

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“Just after i got married i had identity crisis too. But months later it gets better. You married and had the baby in a short time that’s why + you were used to have a lot of activities. Everything will be ok soon don’t worry @iamcardib”

Here’s hoping Cardi’s transparency about the postpartum stage of pregnancy will resonate with those who view depression and the not so sunny side of pregnancy as less taboo. So many people across the country who give birth fail to receive the much-needed support that could help them to fully recover from this period in time because of a lack of legislation that requires paid maternity leave for new parents.


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