Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Line Is Here And It Has Already Sold Out

credit: fashionnova / Instagram

Cardi B’s 2018 is on Kimbo. Within the past year, the Dominican rapper has dominated the music charts, put out two number one songs along with a number one album, gotten married and she’s become a mother. With a year packed with so many large victories, it only seemed natural that the next step in the I Like It” rapper’s streak of good fortune was a collaboration with her favorite brand Fashion Nova.  It’s why when the online fashion boutique announced it would collaborate with the rapper to produce a collaborate line fans were beyond excited and ready to standby for the day it launched.

Clearly, Fashion Nova and Cardi B were not prepared for the excitement.

According to Fashion Nova the FNxCARDI line sold out within a matter of a few hours after it launched.

The rapper posted an announcement last night at 10 pm PST on Instagram to reveal that she and Fashion Nova had launched the line early. Four hours later she returned to Instagram to reveal that the line had completely sold out. “I would like to say thank you to anybody that purchased,” she shared. “We will be stocking some items for Black Friday and we’ll be restocking in about two to three weeks… It’s crazy all of my dreams are coming true. They’re really coming true.”

To celebrate the new line, the rapper held a launch party in Los Angeles on Wednesday where she performed a few of her chart-toppers.

The new line featured 82 pieces worth of Cardi B-inspired garb.

“I hope you guys enjoy my line, it’s very high-end kind of,” Cardi explained in a post about the new line. “I wanted to do something that is like ‘wow, what is that? Is that Chanel? Is that YSL? is that Gucci? No, b**** it’s Fashion Nova by Bardi.”

Reactions to the new line have been nothing short of blown away.

And fans have been giving the rapper all of the gracias for the new line.

Of course, those who were late to the purchasing party were beside themselves when they found out all of the clothes had been sold out.




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