Cardi B’s Recent Post Reveals Kulture For The First Time

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Cardi B fans have been eagerly awaiting pics of the rapper’s newborn since she gave birth back in July and she knows it. Last month, when the Dominican-American rapper took to the stage at the 2018 VMAs to introduce the show, she playfully teased her audience with a bundle that appeared to be her daughter in her hands. “I got a little surprise for y’all, you know what I’m saying?” she said to the crowd before unwrapping the blanket and revealing a VMA Moon Person trophy. It was a moment that her fans couldn’t stop talking about that also highlighted the Cardi Baby reveal craze that has seized her supporters and followers online.

While Cardi might be wanting to keep parts of her daughter’s life private from the public, she recently made a pretty big leap with a post of her daughter on Instagram.

Kulture Kiari Cephus has officially made her big Instagram debut and fans of her mom want to see more pictures of her on Insta.

I needed a girl like you.????KK

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On Sunday, the dominicana rapper posted a photo of her daughter to Instagram that expressed all of her love for her daughter without giving too much away. The photo captures a sweet moment of Cardi B holding her daughter’s little hands.  “I needed a girl like you.????KK,” she wrote in the photo’s caption. So far, the image has received over 4 millions likes from fans as well as thousands of comments from those eager to find out why they haven’t received more. “Ugh you’re teasinnngggg ussss I know you wanna keep her all to yourself but We just wanna see that wittle faceee????????” a user by the username of @aleiasophia” wrote in response to the post. Another fan of the rapper, @itzcancelled._, opted to remain optimistic writing “YALL WE GETTIN CLOSER TO THE FACE GET REQDY.”

Of course, there’s no telling exactly when Cardi will officially decide to debut her daughter’s face.

My arm really hurting thoo

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Since the birth of her daughter, Cardi has remained pretty private and tightlipped about the details of her little girl, choosing only to express her love for Kulture on her social platforms. Fortunately, in the weeks following Kulture’s birth, Cardi has been open about a subject that many of us in the Latino community see as taboo. Last month the rapper took to Instagram to express her frustration with her hormonal moods. “This postpartum s**t is annoying. Like I been emotional all f**king day for no reason.”


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