Latinas On Twitter Are Freaking Out Over Netflix’s New Carmen Sandiego Series Because They Can’t Get Enough Of Her Brown Skin

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If you have yet to hear about the new Carmen Sandiego show starring a badass Latina, then get onboard. The new animated series, which premiered on Netflix today, features our fave Gina Rodriguez as the voice of the main character, the fictional criminal mastermind by the name of Carmen Sandiego.

Latinas everywhere are rejoicing at this new representation of a “cute little girl with her pretty brown skin,” as Rodriguez so aptly put it.

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According to Paste Magazine, Netflix’s new iteration of the classic cartoon is different than the Carmen Sandiego you may know from the television and video games of the 80s and 90s. Instead, the new show reimagines her into more of a chic Robin Hood figure who now only steals from other thieves. In the old iteration, Carmen was head of the VILE organization. But in the new show, she’s a thief who only steals from the supervillains who are part of VILE. Talk about a turn of events!

We even get to find out how Carmen Sandiego grew up and became to be the master of thieves in the first two episodes of the series’ 10-episode first season.

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Unsurprisingly, this animated series is in part brought to us by Gina Rodriguez’s I Can and I Will Productions, who also voices the titular character with gumption and fearlessness. The actress seems to have big plans for her life after Jane the Virgin wraps up its 5th and final season later this year. Not only is she starring in this animated series but she’s also the star of the upcoming Miss Bala remake. But before she makes her debut as an action star, she’s talking about how proud she is to bring Carmen Sandiego back to life as a diverse character.

“Carmen gets to travel to so many different places all over the world, and you see her empathy and desire to learn other people’s languages and cultures and religions, and she teaches that,” Rodriguez told NBC News. “The show fuses two things I love the most, which is art and education, and when I see that cute little girl with her pretty brown skin, it makes me melt. I almost want to cry when I think about it.”

And young women are noticing the change and applauding the new, brown-skinned Carmen Sandiego.

Unsurprisingly, young Latinas like 28-year-old Maria Vargas Aponte are getting on board with the new show.

“Many Latina characters are secondary characters, but with Carmen Sandiego, we have this badass Latina character,” Vargas Aponte told NBC News.

Although the new Carmen Sandiego is technically a kid’s show, Latinas on Twitter are still celebrating this momentous occasion.

So far, Gina Rodriguez’s post on her being the new Carmen Sandiego has received over 300,000 likes on Instagram. Meanwhile, comments on Netflix Family’s announcement of the show’s premiere include people saying simple things like “Love this!” or sending heart-eye emojis, fans saying “perfection” or exclaiming that they are “so in.” One fan even asked, “is it irresponsible for me to call out sick to binge watch? Asking for a friend.” We feel you, @sunfl0wer.daze.

Fans on Twitter are also rejoining upon Carmen Sandiego’s premiere as a badass Latina.

It is, indeed, a very good morning when we realized that it was Carmen Sandiego release day. Who else wanted to, ahem, call in sick and binge-watch this beauty? You were at least tempted, I bet.

Some are rightfully so crushing on Carmen Sandiego, duh.

She is most definitely crush-worthy and, tbh, it’s kind of fun to see a brown-skinned Latina the object of so many women’s attention. And don’t worry, it is absolutely perfectly natural to be attracted to a cartoon character. At least we hope so.

Many are calling the show, and we quote, “so GOOD!!!”

Those caps lock and three exclamation points definitely mean business. The fact that she’s also saying that the show is great for being education and adventurous is just icing on the cake. Just think how many young Latinas will be inspired to travel and will learn more thanks to this show.

And, of course, we’re all feeling a bit more educated right now.

Thanks to this new resurgence of Carmen Sandiego, geography is bound to get cool again.

Check out video for the series below!


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