Selena Gomez’s Mom Writes That Her “Heart Hurts” After Reports Say Demi Lovato Overdosed

People were shocked to hear via the Internet that Demi Lovato had been rushed to the hospital from an apparent heroin overdose, though the actual cause of her hospitalization has yet to be confirmed. The 25-year-old “Sorry Not Sorry” singer is now in stable condition, according to reports.

She has long battled with depression, addiction, and self-harm, and been candid about her struggles with mental health. She has become a fierce advocate for mental health, even setting up stations for people at her concerts to receive counseling.

Though she had been sober for six years, Lovato appeared to have relapsed, which she admitted to via her song “Sober.” In it she sings:

Mama, I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore / And daddy please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor / And I’m sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again / I wanna be a role model, but I’m only human.

The heartbreaking reveal left fans worried, but Lovato’s strength has always pulled her through even the hardest of times. So the news of her hospitalization from a possible overdose was shocking and saddening for fans, friends, and loved ones.

Many celebrities came through to voice their support for the singer. Here are some of the words of encouragement sent.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen sent love to Demi, and let her know she is a light in the world.

Selena Gomez’s mom Mandy Teefey

kicked2thecurbproductions / Instagram

Teefey shared a photo of Selena and Demi from Selena’s sixteenth birthday.

Brad Paisley

The country music  superstar wrote kind words about Demi’s spirit and character and sent his prayers her way.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wished she could wrap her arms around Lovato and sent her compassion and inner peace on behalf of herself and her fans.

Joe Jonas

Demi’s former “Camp Rock” co-star sent his prayers and support to his dear friend and praised her strength.


Halsey hoped for Demi to get the privacy she needs and deserves during this difficult time, so she can heal. She also said what we all know, Demi is brave and can’t be beaten.


The singer sent her best wishes, love, and a hope she can be respected during this time. And just as Halsey said, she knows Demi can beat addiction again.

Dwayne Wade

Simple prayers were sent to Demi on behalf of basketball star Dwayne Wade.

Gabriel Union

Gabrielle Union hopes to lift Demi up through this hard time.

Tegan and Sara

The pop duo have nothing but love and strength for Demi, and shared some perspective of battling addiction in the public eye. A reminder we all need in order to show Demi the compassion she needs.

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart reminds us all of how inspiring Demi has been, for many of us for a good chunk of our lives. And she lets us know the reality of addiction: no one is safe from it. It affects many people of all walks of life, and mental health help is necessary to fight back against it.

Camila Cabello

Simple thoughts and love from one pop superstar to another. It’s necessary and important.

Bruno Mars

Love and prayers from Bruno Mars I’m sure will go a long way for Demi, who will absolutely make it out of this tougher.

Tyra Banks

Tyra came with the realness about addiction. It is not a choice. Those words of affirmation mean the world to anyone who is battling addiction.


As someone who has also struggled openly with mental health, depression, and addiction, Ke$ha’s words of love feel extra poignant.


Kittens posted a cute photo with Demi and encouraged her to dig deep for more of that strength that’s gotten her through addiction and more.

Bebe Rexha

The singer sent her prayers and an important reminder to Demi that she is loved.

Missy Elliot

The rapper let us know that we can’t know what people are going through, and that compassion is vital right now. Jokes have no place here. Sending love, support, and kind words are so powerful for all those suffering through addiction.

Victoria Justice

Prayers from Victoria and so many others.

Sarah Hyland

Another note of love from the “Modern Family” actress. That love will help get her through this.

Andy Biersack

It’s been a while since the two were child stars working together, but he displayed the impact that Demi had on his life from a very young age. I think many of her fans who grew up with her can agree.

We send all our love, light, and support to Demi. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please seek help. SAMHSA is available with support for you.

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The Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Is Being Shared To Honor Hispanic Workers Fighting COVID-19

No Pos Wow

The Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Is Being Shared To Honor Hispanic Workers Fighting COVID-19

There’s no denying that the world looks a lot different now than it did in 1947. And while the list of all of the positive changes that the decades stretching between now and then have done for the world and minorities, a recent campaign is also highlighting the ways in which our current president could take some notes on certain values the United States held dear during this time. Particularly ones that had been pressed for by one of our former presidents.

As part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Good Neighbor Policy” effort, he worked to promote positive and healthy relations between the United States in Latin American countries.

At the time Rooseveltaimed to ensure that the North, Central and South American countries avoided breaking under the influence of Axis countries during World War II. As part of this campaign, Roosevelt comissioned a Spanish and a Portuguese version of the U.S. national anthem. According to Time Magazine he also “recruited Hollywood to participate in this Good Neighbor Policy; Walt Disney went on goodwill tour of South America, hoping to find a new market for his films, and ended up producing two movies inspired by the trip: Saludos Amigos (1942) and The Three Caballeros (1944). The Brazilian star Carmen Miranda also got a boost, and her role in The Gang’s All Here made her even more famous in the U.S. And alongside these cross-cultural exchanges, the U.S. government decided it needed an anthem that could reach Spanish speakers.”

According to NPR, Clotilde Arias, wrote wrote the translation at the end of World War II, was born in the small Peruvian city, Iquitos in 1901 and moved to New York City to become a composer when she was 22-years-old. Her version of the anthem is now part of an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Now in an effort to support Latino communities affected by the coronavirus, the non-profit We Are All Human Foundation’s Hispanic Star campaign commissioned the a remake of the song.

Hoping to raise awareness of its Hispanic Recovery Plan and efforts to help to connect Hispanic small businesses and workers with resources during the pandemic, the campaign brought the old recording from obscurity.

For the song, the 2019 winner of the singing competition La Voz,  Jeidimar Rijos, performed “El Pendón Estrellado.” Or, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” 

The song has already received quite a bit of comments and support on Youtube.

Hang in there, fam. We can only get through this together.

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Video Dug Up From Cardi B’s Past Shows Her Saying She Used To Drug And Rob Men


Video Dug Up From Cardi B’s Past Shows Her Saying She Used To Drug And Rob Men

Stay grateful you did not grow up in the era of Snapchat/ Instagram/ Facebook kids because you can delete but your recorded actions can still come back to bite. Cardi B knows the story. While the Afro-Latina queen of Trap isn’ making any apologies, the latest video to be dug up from her past is requiring her to give some answers.

Video of the singer, recalling a time in her life in which she felt forced to drug and rob men while seducing them has resurfaced.

Over the weekend, video of the “Money” rapper recalling how she used to drug and rob men resurfaced.

The video, which was recorded during an Instagram live broadcast, sees Cardi as she goes on a tearful verbal tirade about her past. This after, someone apparently questioned her success and accused her of not “putting in no fucking work.”

“I had to go ‘oh yeah, you wanna fuck me? Yeah yeah yeah let’s go to this hotel.’ And then I’d drug [expletivie] up and I’d rob them. That’s what I used to do.”

Users online were quick to comment.

“The fact that cardi b admitted to drugging and robbing men she would take back to a hotel for sex blows my mind,” wrote Twitter user @itsangelaa. “That’s not ‘keeping it real.’ that’s a crime.”

“I wonder what woulda happened if it were the other way round,” @BTSisthecauseo5 commented.

At the onset of the backlash, the rapper seemed to take the comments rather lightly.

The following day she also tweeted “IM THAT BITCH THEY LOVE TO HATE, IM THAT BITCH THEY HATE TO LOVE and I love it.”

On Tuesday, however, after users on Instagram and Twitter continued to simmer, she was forced to issue comment.


In a post to her Instagram, the rapper responded to the comments about the video by saying: “I’m a part of a hip hop culture where you can talk about where you come from talk about the wrong things you had to do to get where you are.”

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