Grab Your Gold Hoops, Black Eyeliner And Some Popcorn Because ‘Mi Vida Loca’ Is Heading Back To The Big Screen

Mi Vida Loca” fans, grab your gold hoops, black eyeliner and hairspray — because your fave chola film is returning to the big screen.

The Latina hit, directed by Allison Anders, follows the lives of Chicana BFFs Sad Girl and Mousie, played by Angel Aviles and Seidy López respectively, who are growing up in Echo Park, Los Angeles and dealing with gang violence, motherhood and friendship.

According to Remezcla, the 1993 cult classic will be screening in April, May and June. It will show at the Alamo Drafthouse’s Austin (4/26), Yonkers (5/15), Brooklyn (5/16), Denver (6/14) and San Francisco (6/15) locations.

Each screening will also end with a Q&A with Anders, so you’ll finally get answers to the questions you’ve been dying to ask since you were a ‘90s young buck.

Head over to the Alamo Drafthouse’s website to purchase your tickets ASAP.

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20 Facts About ‘Mi Vida Loca’ You Probably Missed


20 Facts About ‘Mi Vida Loca’ You Probably Missed

Over twenty years have passed since Allison Anders’ movie “Mi Vida Loca” gave life to the Echo Park homegirls Mona and Maribel, known as “Sad Girl” and “Mousie.” Still, all of the years later, fans love the film at a cult status. Here’s a look at 20 facts about the movie you didn’t know!

1. The director drew on real experiences for her story.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO”Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The director, Allison Anders, created the script for the film with stories from real girl gangs. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine the director explained that she got the idea for the film after talking to her daughter. “My daughter came home from school and told me this story about two girls: ‘Christina had a baby with Ernesto and then Marta had a baby with Ernesto and now they don’t get along,’ she said. I was like, ‘Who is this Ernesto? I gotta meet this stud’, and when I saw him he was just this tiny kid.”

2. And cast real gangsters in the film.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

Marlena and Monica AKA “N-owl” and “Smokey,” were active gang members in Echo Park when “Mi Vida Loca” was filmed.

3. The director adopted one of the cast member’s children.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

A few months after shooting for the film was completed, one of the cast members died and left behind a two-year-old son. The film’s director Allison Anders subsequently adopted him.

4. When the film was shot in the mid nineties, gang violence in Los Angeles was at an all time high.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

Anders shot her cult chola girl-gang movie in the no-go neighborhood of Echo Park. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine the director said “The girls I was working with, they were getting shot at and standing alongside people getting killed. It was a gnarly time, but I kept all the violence off-screen because I wasn’t interested in that. I was interested in the girls, the subculture as a pop culture, the music, the clothes, and how they interacted with one another.”

5. Sad Girl’s look was crated in order to express her overcompensation.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The film’s wardrobe designer, Susan Bertram, decided that Sad Girl’s look had to be extreme. “I wantedher lips darker and sharper than everyone else, to have both her hands and her face tattooed. The first time I came out of hair and makeup everyone was like, ‘That’s legit.’”

6. People have criticized Lana Del Rey for trying to appropriate looks from the film.

Lana Del Rey / Youtube.com

When Lana Del Rey released “Tropico” five years ago not too many were pleased to find the white artist dressed as a chola ( she even had teardrop tattoos!). Even the director of the film pointed out that she missed a few things about the look she was stealing saying “What she might not notice are the little chola bracelets that were made from car parts, or that you had your hair high so you could conceal a weapon in it if you needed to.”

7. Salma Hayek starred in the film.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The film marked her film debut.  It was also the film debut for Danny Trejo.

8. Roger Ebert gave it a pretty stellar review.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The movie critic famed for his four star review policy, gave the HBO film three stars when he first saw it. “The storytelling is not very well organized; the movie is more anecdotal than involving. But what we do get is a vivid impression of these young women and their world, and an understanding of how the gang performs a social function that otherwise would be missing,” he wrote.

9. The writer and director, Allison Anders, moved into the neighborhood to research the film.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

Anders worked to get to know the Latina women who were her neighbors and drew on their personal lives.

10. Seidy Lopez blew up after the movie.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The Mexican-American actress appeared in Solo, Selena and an episode of ER directed by Quentin Tarantino.

11. The film has a pretty great Rotten Tomatoes rating.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The film has an 80% approval rating.

12. Jason Lee also appeared in the movie.


The film also marked Jason Lee’s film debut. He has a credit in the film as a Teenage Drug Customer.

13.  La Whisper still ives in LA.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

She keeps a pretty low profile, but according to a blogpost made by Angel Aviles the Latina is a happy mom.

14. Julian Reyes appeared in Mi Vida Loca as Big Sleepy and is now a cop.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

That’s right Papi Chulo, “Big Sleepy” runs the streets of LA as a cop.

15. Gabriel Gonzalez AKA  Gabrielito is a singer.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The actor is a singer/songwriter, performance artist, production consultant. He also teaches Spanish around LA.

16.  Teen Angels magazine inspired the director too.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

In an interview with Screenslate Anders said that  “For us [filmmaker Kurt Voss and me], these magazines reminded us of punk rock fanzines in that they were an insight into an LA subculture.”

17. The film crew often ran into gang problems while shooting.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

“My producers and I involved the Echo Park members every step of the way to know which neighborhoods were safe for us to shoot in, Anders told Screenslate. “We literally took them in the car location scouting to check out the safety. Sometimes the borders were block to block: “We can shoot down here—but not across the street.”

18. Anders used multiple narrations in “Mi Vida Loca “to avoid a colonialist point of view.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

“It was really important to me to have these characters speak from their interior space,” Anders told Screenslate. “And while every film I make I approach like a documentarian to a certain extent, this one was perhaps more than any of my others. Even though there are storylines which are personal to me.”

19. Jacob Vargas appeared in the film.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The “Cesar Chavez,” “Psych,” and “Marvel’s Luke Cage” actor took in the role of Ernesto!

20. Mousie and Sadgirl are still friends.

“Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

Yep, Angel Aviles and Seidy Lopez are still gal pals. They even interviewed together for FIERCE!

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Sad Girl And Mousie Of ‘Mi Vida Loca’ Are Still Best Friends After 25 Years


Sad Girl And Mousie Of ‘Mi Vida Loca’ Are Still Best Friends After 25 Years

It’s always great to see when friendships stand the test of time. When those friends are the stars of a beloved movie, it just makes it that much sweeter.

And it turns out that Mousie and Sad Girl from “Mi Vida Loca” are ultimate #friendshipgoals, still kicking it 25 years later.

MI Vida Loca/HBO/AngelAwakened.com

Back in 1993, Angel Aviles, who played Sad Girl, and Seidy Lopez, otherwise known as Mousie, lit up the screen in “Mi Vida Loca” as best friends living in East L.A., repping their gang and teaching everyone how to perfect the chola look.

Through betrayal, heartbreak and death, the besties remained friends in the end.

Mi Vida Loca/HBO

And we all learned a valuable lesson from their story.

Mi Vida Loca/HBO

And their friendship carried on off the screen! Aviles documents their hang outs, as well as other insider knowledge about “Mi Vida Loca” (like a possible sequel) on her website.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. Kids, marriages, deaths, unfortunately,” Aviles tells mitú. “We made it through a lot of life events. I don’t think a major life event has occurred in my life without Seidy being apart of it, and me being apart of hers. We don’t need to do everything together to still have that bond.”

She also posts cute pics on Instagram!

Life moves on. LIVE. GROW. BE happy! ?#mividaloca #angelaviles #beyourself #dreambig

A post shared by Angel Aviles (@angelawakened) on

Aviles never expected she and Lopez to become lifelong friends when they met on the set of “Mi Vida Loca.” They were focused on representing the women they played honestly, making their director happy and working on their craft. But they inevitably grew close instantly, and have stayed close throughout all life has thrown at them.

And like true homegirls, they can read each others’ minds and keep it real.

She still makes me smile. #homegirls #porvida #mividaloca #sadgirl #mousie

A post shared by Angel Aviles (@angelawakened) on

“I don’t have to say anything for her to know something’s wrong,” says Aviles. “And if I’m upset I know I’m gonna have to come clean because she’s gonna call me out anyway.”

Aviles also drops some throwbacks from back in the “Mi Vida Loca” days!

She’s still amazed by how much “Mi Vida Loca” means to fans who have kept the movie alive. It also touches her what it teaches the audience about friendship.

“I think one of the things the movie represents is forgiveness,” says Aviles. “When you’re really friends with someone, there’s things you’re willing to get over because you love each other. Love covers so many of our mistakes and our errors.”

And if they couldn’t be any more like us, they take videos of themselves talking about how much they love Selena.

Now that’s true friendship right there!

And no matter what, Aviles knows she and Lopez will remain friends forever.

“If I didn’t talk to her for five years, I know I could have a weekend and tell her everything, and vice versa,” she says. “We know each other so well. Even though we’ve grown so much over the years, we still know the essence of each other.”

Sad Girl and Mousie: Homegirls por vida!

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