Christina Aguilera Breaks Down How To Be A Diva On Carpool Karaoke

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From her powerful vocal riffs to her vicious celebrity shade, Christina Aguilera is one of our favorite divas — and now she is teaching us how to be an empress like her.

In the latest segment of The Late Late Show With James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke,” the part-Ecuadorian megastar taught the funny host, as well as party-crasher Melissa McCarthy, a few things.

“I feel like Melissa and I, in our heads, we feel like we could be divas? But we need someone to teach us the true technique,” Corden said.

Aguilera offered a quick free lesson. Using a bedazzled microphone, she belted out a signature “heyyyyyy” accompanied by her divaesque hand push.

While Corden and McCarthy (along with all of us at home) couldn’t keep up, everyone was still blown away by her pipes and gossip from her time with “The Mickey Mouse Club.”

Aguilera, who sung hits like “Fighter,” “Beautiful” and “Genie in a Bottle,” dished on her adolescent years in the star-studded group that included Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

“Could you find yourself getting lost in Ryan Gosling’s eyes?” Corden asked Aguilera. “I think there were crushes but I … I wasn’t on the train,” she responded, revealing that Gosling, now married to cubana actress Eva Mendes, had a thing for Britney back in the day.

“Were you on the Timberlake train?” Corden continued. “Um, I think, there was like a … me and Britney … well now you know there was a thing back then … it was a good time,” she said, adding that “he had swag. Back then he had swag.”

Watch the Latina diva sing, teach and spill tea above!

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