Comedy Fans Rejoice, Anjelah Johnson Will Star in NBC Comedy Produced By America Ferrera

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Fans of America Ferrera and Anjelah Johnson rejoice! The Superstore actress (and new mom) and Mexican-American comedian are teaming up for NBC’s new comedy, All Fancy… Well, sort of. Variety reports that Johnson has signed on to star in a new multi-camera comedy that is currently in development at NBC. And to everyone’s utter delight, the comedy is being executive produced by America Ferrera and Kevin Hart.

According to Variety, the new comedy is inspired by Johnson’s life and stand-up.

She will star as Veronica Jimenez, a 30-something Mexican-American woman who is newly successful and “often goes against cultural and societal expectations.”

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Unsurprisingly, the comedy of the show will revolve around how Veronica’s point of view creates chaos “within her marriage, business and extended family,” Variety reports

Meanwhile, Ferrera is executive producing the show via the Take Fountain Productions banner with Hart joining as executive producer through his HeartBeat Productions (along with HeartBeat’s John Cheng). They are joined by writer and executive producer Emilia Serrano, who previously wrote for shows such as Cristela and who recently had two feature film scripts acquired by Sony.

Serrano, a daughter of Mexican immigrants who often writes about her upbringing, and Johnson, whose comedy often revolves around her big Mexican family, are a particularly powerful team.

Ever since she was on Mad TV, we’ve been obsessed with Johnson’s comedy. The infamous “Bon Qui Qui” episode shot her to fame during the show’s Season 13 after the clip went viral. However, the star has always talked about her Mexican and Native American roots in a way that makes her relatable AF. In fact, her “Family Oriented” clip nails pretty much exactly what it’s like to have a Mexican family.

Since then, Johnson has released stand-up specials for Comedy Centra, Epix and Netflix. In fact, her Netflix special Not Fancy might just bear some resemblance (at least in the name) to her upcoming NBC comedy. However, this will be the first time that Johnson stars in a show.

She has previously guest starred on shows like “Ugly Betty” (yes, with Ferrera) and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and appeared in films “Our Family Wedding” (also with Ferrera) and “Mom’s Night Out,” but this is her first foray into a leading role. Considering her considerable comedy chops, though, she’s sure to knock it out of the park.

Fans of the star are taking to Twitter to celebrate her return to television.

With Johnson and Ferrera appearing on-screen together previously, it may also only be a matter of time before we see the two ladies on All Fancy. Seriously, America, will you guest star?!

Johnson’s stand-up comedy fans will also be glad to see the NBC show.

Currently, there is no word in how much influence Ferrera and Hart will have on the NBC comedy. Ferrera produces and stars in NBC’s Superstore but she also has a new two-year first-look deal with NBC Universal. Her upcoming projects include Clinic, inspired by the life Valarie Kaur, Exaulted, inspired by Julissa Arce’s memoir, My Underground American Dream, and Gente-Fied, about a Mexican neighborhood in Los Angeles that is under the threat of gentrification.

Gente-Fied was originally a digital web series produced by Ferrera. It originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017 with an all Latinx cast and mostly Latinx crew.

“It shifts the world from the perspective of young American Latino millennials and that’s not perspective that I’ve seen represented in our mainstream media so I think that millions of people will feel represented,” Ferrera said at the time to People magazine.

“When I read the scripts, I felt as a Latina-American that I was always sort of torn between identities as an American, someone who adapted and was pushed to adapt to American culture but also I had roots engrained in a culture that was at home,” she added. “I think that will appeal to a lot of people, not just Latinos but anyone from families where there is conflict of identity.”

It seems that Ferrera, who is outspoken about Latinx representation in Hollywood, is continuing to use her production company to tell our stories.

Although not much else is known about the Johnson-starring project in development at NBC, the show seems like a sure-fire hit with such a great team behind the writing and production. And, of course, the hysterical star!


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