This Little Girl’s Professional Dance Moves For Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’ Will Blow Your Trap Loving Bum Away

Ever since Cardi B dropped her hit ‘I Like It’ we have been simultaneously slayed to our core and stuck to our seats with anticipation for it’s accompanying music video. With life-giving videos like “Bartier Cardi” and “Be Careful” having already been delivered to us, we’re expecting nothing but pure hot gold from la chica de el Bronx. But, with the word still out on when the video will debut we’ve been on a hunt for videos to satiate our thirst in the meantime. In our quest, we came across a spectacular treasure trove of choreography videos made all over the world just for the song.

Check out these stunning ‘I Like It’ dance odes, that are tiding us over until Cardi’s official video drops.

South Korean studio 1 Million Dance serves los ultra movimientos

May J Lee is the lead choreography behind this South Korean-based dance studio. She’s the lead dancer in the first few moments of the dance routines and let me tell she RIPS it up. Try to keep us with this chica and her dance crew as they wipe the floor with your dropped jaw.

Brinn Nicole’s moves exude vibes from your family’s backyard parties

Okay, okay so the showy prima of your family might not be bringing as much power as the women in this video, but ya know she sure wish she could. Brinn Nicole Gooch is the Latina choreographer behind these moves created at the Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, CA. How these girls hit the floor with their heels and bounce back for incredible jump kicks is beyond me. These moves are on point, literally.

The little girl in this video sets the house on fire with her attitude and grooves.

All of the dancers in this video know how to hit it in this video but  Payton Ali is the little girl at the 4:11 mark you’ve gotta watch. She’s only 9 years old, but she could keep up the hustle of a tough salsa/trap routine better than most. Her dance moves were created by Guy Amir “Guy Groove,” but there’s no doubting the skill and push she puts into “I Like It” are all her.

This India-based dance troupe just got served la salsa

Alan Rinawma brought Cardi to Mizo Dance Camp, an academy based in Mizoram, India. These kids stun and shine throughout this interview video proving the dance scene in India is HOT. Where’s my pen y’all I’m signing up for a class.

This ATL-based dance studio couldn’t wait for a video so they made their own.

This dance group went all in on their love for this song. With shiny lights, high kicks and mad hair whips it’s obvious this crew invested more than just time and heart into Cardi B’s chart-topping hit. Not only did they go in 110% with their moves they also brought a production value that did not come to play.

This video brings all the pop and drop you forgot this song needed.

The pop lock and drop, the hustle, even the bend and snap can be spotted in this performance. These dancers maneuver the floor with ease and all at the tip of their toes. No doubt their hair whips and jump kicks will have you clicking the replay button to learn the best way to  dance to this song the next time you’re in the club.

This dance duo truly leans into the salsa component of  the song.

Ah, the classic dance steps your tías and mom have been trying to get you to master for the past 20 nochebuenas are present in full force in this video to put all your primas to shame. Brittany Cherry and her partner Paul Karmiryan bring the classic baile to Cardi’s trap hit with dances whirls that’ll have your head spinning.


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