Demi Lovato Is Open About How Her Abusive Relationship With Her Father Continues To Impact Her Life

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On Sept. 29, Demi Lovato released her highly anticipated sixth album “Tell Me You Love Me,” which includes her hit single “Sorry Not Sorry.” The singer has been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness since announcing her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and, later, launching the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program to aid those who unable to afford professional treatment for mental health issues.

On her new album, Lovato has a song that talks about her issues with her birth father. Lovato opened up to Rolling Stone about her complicated relationship with her father, the song “Daddy Issues” and her journey with mental health.

“Daddy Issues” might sound like a pop song about having an older lover, but there is much more behind the meaning of the song.

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Lovato sings: Lucky for you / I got all these daddy issues / What can I do? / I’m going crazy when I’m with you/ Forget all the therapy that I’ve been through / Lucky for you, I got all these daddy issues.

Lovato has previously spoken about her father, Patrick, who died in 2013, and their abusive relationship. In 2015, she talked about her single “Father” from her album “Confident” in a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube. In the video, Lovato discusses Patrick’s mental health issues and how it affected his behavior and their family. The Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program was created by Lovato in honor of her father, Patrick.

In the interview with Rolling Stone, Lovato shared more about her mental health advocacy, recovery from drug addiction, the time she spent on the Hillary Clinton campaign and more. One thing Lovato is clear about is that she is not ashamed to speak openly about her mental health. While she had once been sick of being labeled by her condition, she is now “proud to be bipolar and speak about it.”

“Bipolar is a mood disorder. I deal with mood swings, I deal with episodes of mania, and bipolar-depression phases as well,” Lovato tells Rolling Stone. “But I’ve used my voice to help others, and I feel proud that I’ve been able to do that.”

Lovato is giving her fans and supporters a loose look into her journey with mental health and addiction in the new documentary, “Simply Complicated.” It’s premiers on YouTube Oct. 17. Lovato told Rolling Stone she was not shy about being candid on camera. In fact, the only time cameras weren’t allowed were when Lovato was writing music, but that was so she wouldn’t be distracted.

If you want to learn more about the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program tap here.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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