Everything You Need to Know About The Latina Characters Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Before Season 6 Comes Out

credit: "Orange Is The New Black" / Netflix

“Orange is the New Black’s” first trailer for season six is finally here and we’re all kinds of pumped to see our powerful Latinas of Litchfield. Season five saw an atomic three-day prison riot that sent most of the ladies of Litchfield  to a maximum security facility which, according to Lorna, is full of “psychos.”

To get yourself caught up, we have a list of everything you need to know about the Latinas of season 6. Here the list of orange is the new black Latina characters

1. Gloria Mendoza

CREDIT: “Orange Is The New Black” / Netflix

Mendoza has come to be known as the matriarch of Litchfield’s Spanish Harlem. She came to Litchfield after committing SNAP fraud and ran the kitchen for some time. In season 4 she continued to hold down the kitchen and keep an eye on Daya. 

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