Fans Aren’t Happy With The Bachelorette Choosing “Fake” Latin Lover Bryan

credit: The Bachelorette/ABC

“The Bachelorette” had its painfully long three-hour finale last night that ended with (spoiler alert!) contestant Bryan Abasolo putting a ring on Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s finger.

It’s safe to say people were disappointed in “The Bachelorette” outcome.

Some think he only won by default, believing Rachel really loved runner-up Peter, but his refusal to get engaged became the deal breaker.

A ring, in fact, did mean a thing to Rachel, so Bryan won.

So why is everyone hating on Bryan? Well, because the 37-year-old Colombian chiropractor from Miami, was considered fake by many viewers.

Even Rachel’s parents didn’t fall for his “charm.”

Some even thought his fakeness is a regional characteristic.

Major red flag.

But, really, the whole phony thing stemmed from Bryan using his Latino lover charm on Rachel, romancing her in Spanish any chance he got.

But most people were quick to call it out.

He even tried it on Ellen!

The Ellen Show

Smooth, Bryan. Reeeal smooth. ?

But Rachel fell for it. She fell for it HARD. Just watch.

Girl turns to mush when he drops that Español on her, and he knows it. He even got the First Impression Rose!

For many, his charm and super romantic ways came off as trying way too hard, especially when it came to their PDA.

The Bachelorette

And alarms went off for viewers also after he professed his love to her very early in and said he loved her family after only spending a couple of hours with them. It all felt too soon, like he was just saying “the right thing” to woo her.

Still, a few applaud Bryan for forcing America to read subtitles.


But others think he needs to brush up on his Spanish sexy talk before doing that on national TV.

While people have accused Bryan of being a typical Latino playboy, some people came to his defense saying his romantic ways are a cultural trait and not just for the cameras.

Either way, Bryan walked away with a fiancé, 15 minutes of fame and Rachel’s all about it.

CREDIT: The Bachelorette / ABC

Here’s hoping the happy couple makes it! ?


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