Gina Rodriguez Just Salsa-ed Her Way Into “The Ellen Show” In The Entrances of All Entrances

Fans of the CW’s hit “Jane The Virgin” already know what a star talent Gina Rodriguez is. Her role as Jane Villanueva has afforded us the gift of seeing her many skills on full display. Not only can the girl rap, and keep up with the likes of Britney Spears, she also has mad salsa skills. In her most recent appearance on the “Ellen Show,” the Puerto Rican-American actress showed off her dance skills and showed up every other person that’s every been on Ellen. EVER.

Rodriguez salsa-ed  her way onto the Ellen stage with choreographer Lyrik Cruz as her partner.

EllenTube / Youtube

Now, plenty of celebrity guests have made their mark on the Ellen stage with an impressive entrance. But let’s be honest, Gina’s moves blow all other entrances out of the water. The only way this one could possibly be knocked off the top of the charts, is if she danced to “Quimbara” with Celia Cruz (RIP).

The actress/ rapper/ salsa queen twirled her way around stage all in the name of charity.

The Ellen Show / NBC / Youtube.com

In an effort to raise money for people in need, Ellen has been getting her celebrity guests to present their most impressive dance entrances and other talents. Gina partnered up with Ulta Beauty to raise $10,000 in the name of breast cancer research. A move that reaches right to the core of our hearts by the way ?.

But after her entrance, Rodriguez proved her work for charity was far from over.

The Ellen Show / NBC / Giphy.com

Rodriguez got to work teaching Ellen’s executive producer Andy Lassner a few moves as well. For all of her hard work, DeGeneres awarded Rodriguez an extra $10,000. This time all of the money went to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. ? ? ?

It’s not the first time Rodriguez’s fire talents have helped out her home country.

My kind of heroes. Best. Day. Ever. #LinManuelMiranda #RitaMoreno #ComingSoon ??????

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Earlier this month the actress got together with Lin-Manuel Miranda to raise money for relief in Puerto Rico. The actress has showed off her rapping chops before but, similar to her salsa on Ellen, this time around meant so much more since it was for such an important cause. We’re so pumped to see what other hidden talents Gina breaks out for us next!

Watch Gina kill the salsa game in the video below:

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San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Running For Governor Of Puerto Rico In 2020


San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Running For Governor Of Puerto Rico In 2020

Last week, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital city, announced that she is running for governor in the 2020 elections.

Cruz, who gained national attention after criticizing President Donald Trump’s slow and shoddy response to Hurricane Maria, announced her run at the Caguas Botanical Garden on Friday.

“I’ve been thinking for a long time, what’s the best way I can serve Puerto Rico … I’m going to do so by becoming the next governor,” she said.

Cruz, who was sporting a t-shirt that read “¡Sin Miedo!” — which is Spanish for “without fear” — began her address by discussing her great-grandfather, who worked as an agricultural laborer, and how the legacy of slavery still impacts Puerto Rico today.

“We have to break away from the chains that tie us down in order to have a promising future and break our cycle of poverty,” Cruz, speaking on Emancipation Day, a Puerto Rican holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery on the island on March 22, 1873, said.

In Puerto Rico, the political party system is linked to the island’s political status. Those who support statehood, like sitting Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, are part of the New Progressive Party, more commonly known by the Spanish acronym PNP. People who want Puerto Rico to remain a US territory side with the Popular Democratic Party, or PPD, the party that Cruz is running in. Finally, those who want the island’s independence from the US often support the Puerto Rican Independence Party, or PIP.

After the Category 4 hurricane ravaged the island on September 20, 2017, Cruz, not Gov. Rosselló, became the face of the island, wading through flood water to help those devastated by the storm and publicly feuding with the president. When announcing her candidacy, she reminded the crowd that Gov. Rosselló’s administration “was unable to count deaths after Hurricane Maria” and “stood by Trump when he threw paper towels at people [in Puerto Rico].”

Cruz also took the opportunity to voice her position on other pressing matters on the island, like repealing the Jones Act, which prevents foreign ships from embarking on the island and thus raises the cost of imported goods, eliminating the federal Financial Oversight and Management Board and calling for an audit of Puerto Rico’s $72 billion public debt.

“The reality is that we still live in an island that fights for food, liberty and land,” she said, referring to the PPD’s Spanish slogan “Pan, libertad y tierra.” “We’re building a new movement within the Popular Democratic Party.”

Last month, Cruz also announced that she would co-chair Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the 2020 presidential race, saying the candidate could create “a new path toward the resolution of many of the issues facing Puerto Rico,” including establishing a “new relationship” with the United States.

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America Ferrera Brings Actors Across The Border To Visit Migrant Shelters


America Ferrera Brings Actors Across The Border To Visit Migrant Shelters

America Ferrera has never been a celebrity to stay quiet in the face of injustice, so it’s no surprise that the actress-activist has boldly responded to the Trump administration’s policy requiring migrants seeking asylum in the United States to wait in Mexico.

Last week, the Superstore star led a group of actors, including Gina Rodriguez, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Wilmer Valderrama, Roselyn Sanchez and Kendrick Sampson, across the southern border to a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico.

There, the group learned how the policy was impacting migrants while speaking directly with immigration lawyers and shelter managers as well as families and children. They hope through this real-life education that they will become better equipped to challenge the Trump administration in the US.

“It is easy for me to look at these human beings and see myself. … This could very easily have been my reality in this lifetime,” the Honduran-American actress told the Associated Press about the trip.

The “Remain in Mexico” policy limits the amount of asylum requests border patrol can attend to per day. The process, which has also forced refugees, including thousands of Central American families who have filed for sanctuary from violence and poverty in their home countries, to stay in Mexico, has slowed down the process and created case backlogs in the immigration system and overcrowding in shelters in Mexican border towns.

“We were able to bear witness to how the current administration is treating refugee families. We MUST demand better,” Washington said in an Instagram post. “Let me be clear: it is legal to seek asylum. When people cross our borders, their human rights come with them. We must protect those human rights.”

@kerrywashington / Instagram

According to NBC News, the visit was organized by nonprofits Families Belong Together and Harness, an organization started by Ferrera, Valderrama and Ryans Piers.

Jessica Morales Rocketto, who heads Families Belong Together, told the news outlet that one of the women she met at the shelter had been waiting with her toddler since November to apply for asylum.

“People get to the border and think that’s the end of the journey, but it’s only the beginning,” Morales Rocketto said.

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