Let Us Recognize How Bad Bunny Is Celebrating Gender Fluidity And Self-Acceptance In All Of His Trapness

The poster boy of Latin Trap Bad Bunny is also the biggest mainstream rebel against the genre’s hypermasculinity. With his flamboyant, floral button-downs, cat-eye glasses and vibrant nail art, he’s reshaping society’s, and the urbano music industry’s, outdated gender rules. With his self-love messages to women, encouraging them to cut off lovers who have problems with their body hair or pants size, he’s calling out machismo and helping to weaken its power. While steadily rising up the charts with hard-thumping Spanish-language bangers on sex, drugs and street toughness, El Conejo Malo, born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, has also consistently used his platform and art to challenge misogyny and embrace femininity.

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In his long-anticipated debut album X100PRE, which he unexpectedly released on Nochebuena 2018, the 24-year-old Puerto Rican singer-rapper continues to defy toxic masculinity. The 15-track fire LP includes trap, reggaeton and even pop-punk jams that encourage people to embrace themselves as they are. The four music videos that Bad Bunny has released from the album also spotlight critical intersectional feminist issues, from gender violence to gender nonconformity. The project, a musical treat that combines Bad Bunny’s lyrical aptitude with Tainy’s, the veteran urbano producer behind most of the album, commanding beats, also bears gifts for people who have a just, equitable and liberated vision for the world.

Here, five ways trapero Bad Bunny challenges machismo on X100PRE.

1. Celebrating Gender Fluidity And Self-Acceptance

In El Conjeo Malo’s latest single “Caro,” the supermarket bagger-turned-millionaire rapper recognizes his self-worth, acknowledging the value in his talent and character regardless of the amount of bread stacked in his bank account. “Yo sé cuanto valgo / yo sé que soy caro,” he raps. The music video pushes this idea of self-acceptance further, with Bad Bunny kissing himself — actually smooching look-alike Puerto Rican model Jazmyne Joy — to express that self-love. But the video also celebrates gender fluidity, opening up with a scene of Bunny in a white-and-pink room getting his nails painted before the camera jumps to Joy, a female-identifying actress who dresses up as the rapper throughout the video. During Ricky Martin’s hidden interlude in the song, Bunny is even kissed on the cheek by both a woman and a man, an additional jab to the genre’s long-rooted homophobia.

2. Spotlighting Gender Violence 

“Solo de Mí” is a solemn ballad about survivors of intimate partner violence reclaiming their identity and learning to love themselves after leaving an abusive relationship. “Yo no soy tuyo ni de nadie, yo soy sólo de mí,” Benito sings. The music video uses powerful imagery to send his message against gender violence forward, including showing a woman lip-syncing his lyrics while suffering invisible hits to her face. When Bad Bunny debut the song on Instagram, he was explicit about its message, writing: “NO QUEREMOS NI UNA MUERTE MAS! Respeta la mujer, respeta al hombre, respeta al prójimo, respeta la vida! MENOS VIOLENCIA, MAS PERREO! (Y SI ELLA LO QUIERE, SI NO DÉJALA QUE PERREE SOLA Y NO LA JODAS).”

3. Resisting Hypermasculine Sexual Fantasies

In the ‘80s synth-pop track “Otra Noche en Miami,” Bad Bunny opens up about the less-glamorous parts of his rapid rise to fame, expressing feelings of melancholy over the fake and harmful interests of the growing crowd around him, from industry execs to groupies. He even raps that he’s tired of threesomes and orgies, sexual fantasies that many traperos brag about, and prefers real love instead. “Ya me cansan los threesome’ y las orgías / Ya me cansa que mi vida siga vacía,” he raps, breaking free from hypersexualized stereotypes of men, especially Caribbean Latinx men.

4. Getting Sentimental

The singer-rapper gets even more sentimental in “Si Estuviésemos Juntos.” Throughout the reggaeton ballad, El Conejo Malo bares his soul to an ex lover, telling her, and the world, that he still misses and longs for her, that he still wonders what could have been if he would have gotten his act together sooner. “A otra persona no he podido amar / Y te juro que lo he tratado / Pero es que ninguna se te para al la’o / Desde que te fuiste sigo trastorna’o / Escuchando Masterpiece, baby me siento down.” In an increasingly eff-your-ex, live-your-best-life-heartless youth culture, vulnerability in music is becoming rare, especially for men in hip-hop, but Bad Bunny doesn’t shy away from showing his emotions.

5. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health, Bromances And Your Nails

Bad Bunny’s first single off of X100PRE “Estamos Bien” is many things. In Puerto Rico, it’s a statement of resiliency, a message to Washington that the people of La Isla del Encanto are good despite shoddy recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria, because survival, community and joy run through their veins. But before the devastating storm hit the island, this was a song about Benito’s own individual perseverance; more specifically, overcoming depression that followed his meteoric stardom. Bad Bunny, who has talked about his mental health struggle — uncommon among men in Latinx countries — through his music and in interviews, found healing after returning home, to his family and his lifelong friends. The music video is all about self-care, including manicures and spending time with your best pals, and offers an unapologetic display of a loving bromance between Bad Bunny and his best homeboys.

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JLo Let Bad Bunny Get In On Her Latest Music Video And We’re About It


JLo Let Bad Bunny Get In On Her Latest Music Video And We’re About It

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to help us all end this week on a positive note. The Puerto Rican superstar has just taken to Instagram to to give us a fun sneak peak of a new track. In the teaser, JLo reveals that she has teamed up with Bad Bunny, who is also Puerto Rican, for a vacation-themed Spanish-language song titled “Te Guste.”

It’s been a while month since news of the Bad Bunny and JLO collaboration dropepd, this is the first teaser trailer of the new song. And let us just say, my oh my is it packed with a whole lot of Latinx punch.

The smoldering music video is slated to drop on Friday, November 9th.

Thankfully, this means we only have one more day to wait for the collaboration that is sure to set our hearts on fire. In the clip, which was released by both JLo and Bad Bunny, the two music performers sing and dance  amidst a tropical background. The release comes just days before Bad Bunny slated to perform at the 2018 Latin Grammy Awards alongside JLo’s ex-hubby Marc Anthony and Will Smith for the opening act, during which they are set to perform “Está Rico,” according to Billboard. While Lopez is currently not slated to appear during the 19th annual ceremony, which will be broadcast live on November 15th from the Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on Univision, the timing for the release of “Te Guste” has us feeling plenty hopeful.

With the end of 2018 almost here, the “Te Guste” tease has fans curious if JLo’s latest  album is finally done. “I really love singing in Spanish,” the singer told HOLA! magazine last year. “There’s just something about it that is more romantic and passionate to me, and that’s such a core part of who I am. I feel like I sing better in Spanish. We’re all interpreting songs as we go through life, right?”

Earlier this year, Lopez released Spanish-language song “El Anillo” and “Se Acabó el Amor” with Abraham Mateo and Yandel. Last year, in anticipation of the new record (her first Spanish-language album since 2007’s Como Ama una Mujer), JLo also released “Ni Tú Ni Yo” featuring Gente de Zona and “Amor, Amor, Amor” with Yandel’s former partner, Wisin.

It didn’t take long for fans of JLo and Bad Bunny to commence their freak out on social media.

Some simply call her Queen. Which, of course, is an appropriate name for the famed singer.

Fans are reacting to the video with tons of excitement.

If all caps doesn’t spell excitement, then we don’t know what does. The teaser for the upcoming music video does, indeed, look pretty amazing..

Meanwhile, others are simply thrilled that the collaboration is really happening.

Nope, it’s not a myth! Jennifer Lopez and Bad Bunny have truly teamed up for what’s sure to be our favorite song this year. And with those tropical-themed tunes, we’re going to be dreaming of our next beach vacation while listening to this tune all winter long.

What fans really want to know, though, is whether this means that JLo’s highly anticipated Spanish-language album, Por Primera Vez, is finally going to be released. The album was originally slated to be released in 2017 but it, um, has been delayed.

Check out the full official trailer below.

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Latinx Trio Cardi B, Bad Bunny And J Balvin Make Fuego In New Summer Turn-Up ‘I Like It’ Video


Latinx Trio Cardi B, Bad Bunny And J Balvin Make Fuego In New Summer Turn-Up ‘I Like It’ Video

With piragua, tropical patterns and a few salsa steps, Cardi B just brought us into summer 2018. On Monday, the Dominican-Trinidadian rapper dropped her visual to “I Like It,” a favorite from her debut album Invasion of Privacy.

In the Eif Rivera-directed video, the Afro-Latina turns up at a Miami pari with Boricua trapero Bad Bunny and Colombian hitmaker J Balvin.

The Billboard Hot 100 charting song, which samples the Nuyorican Pete Rodriguez’s boogaloo classic, “I Like It Like That,” is set to be Cardi’s next summer banger.

Twitter agrees that the vibrant, high-energy video doesn’t disappoint.

After a long weekend, these beautiful visuals are exactly what we all needed to get back in the groove.

Because who needs cafecito when you have these beats and fire lyrics?

And there were plenty of people showing love to Cardi B’s stunning looks.

Those baby hairs perfectly coiled, her dresses, and all that bling… Yes Queen Cardi!

Watch the Latinx trio make fuego in the clip below!

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