Mirad! A ‘Jane The Virgin’ Spinoff Is In The Works And It’s Set To Have All Of Your Anthology Dreams

credit: The CW

Die-hard fans of “Jane the Virgin” need not despair. Although, as previously reported, the beloved CW show is coming to an end after its fifth and final season in 2019, we have now learned that the network is currently developing a spinoff series. That means that viewers won’t have to resort to Netflix re-runs to get their weekly fix of “Jane”‘s irreverent humor and heartfelt tone.

“Jane the Virgin” is one of the CW’s most successful shows of all time. Based off the telenovela “Juana la virgen”, the show premiered in 2014 and quickly became a critical hit and a cult favorite. The success of “Jane” catapulted its star, Gina Rodriguez, onto the national scene. The show has earned nominations for the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and Peabody Awards–the first of any CW show to do so. Additionally, it became one of the only shows on television to star on all-Latinx cast and deal with hot-button issues like immigration and reproductive rights.

It’s comes as no surprise that The CW doesn’t want to completely let go of its crown-jewel.

The CW hasn’t revealed any details of the plot, but apparently, the spinoff will not center around any characters currently on the flagship show.

According to sources at Variety, the series will be an “anthology with each season based on a fictional novel written by Jane Villanueva (Rodriguez), with Rodriguez potentially onboard to narrate”. This development is notable, as the character of Jane is a published author in the series. The character’s novel, “Snow Falling”, was “published” by Jane in Season 4, and also released to the public as a mass-market paperback in 2017. The real-life iteration was written by Latina romance author, Caridad Piñeiro.

This news is exciting for Latinas who want to see more voices that reflect their own in front of and behind the camera.

Although “Jane the Virgin” is a beloved show that portrays multi-dimensional Latinx characters, it was created and mostly written by Jennie Snyder Urman, who is not Latina. As of now, the untitled spinoff will be written by “Jane the Virgin” writer Valentina Garza, a Cuban-American Afro-Latina has also worked on hit shows like “George Lopez” and “The Simpsons”. Garza will executive produce alongside Gina Rodriguez. The fact that a buzzy broadcast show will have so many Latinas starring and producing cannot be understated.

On Twitter, Latinas, including intended showrunner Valentina Garza, expressed the range of emotions they have over the news:

Garza will be the first, and so far only, Latina showrunner on the network.

Many Latinas couldn’t help but express their excitement at the continuation of the beloved series.

Many fans are excited to watch a show that honors the legacy of “Jane” while also allowing it to end with dignity.

Other fans weren’t as excited to hear that the spinoff will not include the original cast…

…or simply expressed confusion at the need for a new story:

Other fans were joyful at the idea of exploring a storyline adjacent to the “Jane the Virgin” Universe:

After all, how many viewers have longed to catch a longer glimpse of Jane’s stories? We know we do.

Regardless of public opinion, this is unarguably a step toward greater Latina representation onscreen.


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