Jennifer Lopez Is Starring In A New Romantic Comedy Alongside The Dad From ‘This Is Us’

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It’s been way too long since fans of J.LO saw the Reina from the Box in a big screen comedy. Her latest film, “Second Act,” means the wait will soon be over. On Thursday, a trailer for the upcoming movie was dropped online and the preview hints that it will put the songstress back in a role that she does best: as a hard working woman with ambition and spot on street smarts.

Lopez’s latest film puts the Latina in New York once again.

Sixteen years after starring in the romantic comedy hit “Maid in Manhattan” the actress and singer is back in Empire City once again. This time, she plays the role of Maya, a retail worker with big dreams of working her way up to the lead position of her department. Still, despite having all of the moves and practical knowledge a person could have, Maya’s shot at making it to the top is stopped when a man with a college degree applies. Then, a well-meaning friend creates a resume and fake life for her that manages to impress the pants off of a big-time Madison Avenue firm. She gets the job and the rest of the film sees her as she attempts to keep up with the charade.

“This Is Us” and “Gilmore Girls” actor Milo Ventimiglia will star alongside J.Lo as her romantic partner and interest. Speaking about working with Ventimiglia to the Latina said, “I’m a huge fan of ‘This is Us’..He brings such depth to everything he does, and he was our first and only choice for Trey. I loved every second working with him. Besides being an incredible actor, he’s a great person.”

Actresses Vanessa Hudgens, and Leah Remini will also star.

The new pic will heavily deal with themes like sexist ageism.

Speaking about the film which sees a woman chasing after a major career upgrade, Lopez told Variety that “There are so many things I love about this project and script. People try to put women to sleep at a certain age. ‘Second Act’ is a story that empowers the every woman to do more, to be more, and not limit their dreams.”

Check out the trailer below!

J.LO’s latest pic, “Second Act” hits theaters on November 21st. Be there or be square!


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