In Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Comedy ‘Second Act’, She Sets Her Sights On A Career Instead Of A Man

credit: Second Act / Peter Segal

Our fave rom-com star Jennifer Lopez is returning to the big screen with the funny, feel-good flick “Second Act.”

The trailer for the Peter Segal-directed film dropped Thursday, and it’s jam-packed with all the girly comedy goodies we love: a scammin’ lead who’s living a double life, a candy sweet romance and hilarious gal pals.

Lopez plays Maya Vargas, a 40-year-old working-class New Yorker who gets passed on a well-deserved promotion in favor of a man with a college degree. Frustrated, her best friend, played by real-life BFF Leah Remini, helps spice up her résumé, landing her a C-level executive gig at an elite corporation and leading to a hilarious double-life plot reminiscent of “Maid in Manhattan.”

The film, also starring This is Us’ Milo Ventimiglia, Vanessa Hudgens and Treat Williams, will be the first time we see the Puerto Rican megastar in a comedy since 2012’s “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” But unlike in her previous hits, J.Lo is after a job, not a man.

“Second Act” hits theaters Nov. 21.

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