We Sat Down With Jennifer Lopez To Talk About Her Latest Movie ‘Second Act’ And Why It’s Important To Remain Loyal To Your Dreams

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If there’s one thing you should know about Jennifer Lopez, it’s that she doesn’t believe in limiting herself. In fact, she feels “it’s about not having one passion.” Although, with her impressive and ever-growing resumé, we wouldn’t expect to hear anything less. With the upcoming release of J.Lo’s new movie, “Second Act,” the multi-hyphenate is a reminder that often times our greatest obstacles to pursuing our truest desires are ourselves.

FIERCE sat down with the one and only Jennifer Lopez to talk about her latest film.

The Bronx-born star opened up about her career, second changes, and blocking out the haters.

Speaking about the accomplishments of her career and, like her character Maya in Second Act,

“I was lucky to have parents that made me feel that I could accomplish anything,” Lopez told us at the press junket for her movie. “The value of that, even now as I speak it out loud, I realize really informed my whole life and career, and who I am as a person. They didn’t put limits on me, my mom or my dad.

“They said, ‘You want to be the President of the United States? You could be that. You want to go to the moon? You can do that.’ When they take all of the boundaries off, then you get to dream whatever dream you want. That is such an important thing.”

But when you dream big, it’s hard to not experience fear. The thought of the unknown, possible failure, and taking a huge leap of faith is scary as hell. It’s something we brought up to J.lo, but she wasn’t having any of it. “It’s about realizing that nobody is getting in your way,” she said reassuringly. “The only one that gets in your way is yourself. People are used to pointing the finger and going, ‘I can’t do it because this happened, or that guy didn’t give me the opportunity.’ You find a different way.”

When asked what advice she has for Latinas who feel unfulfilled with their career, Lopez paused for a moment—almost as if she was about to reveal her best-kept secret. “You don’t get to just try one thing. Nobody says when you’re born, ‘You get to try one thing and that’s it. If you mess that up, or if it doesn’t go exactly how you expect, you’re done.’ That’s not how life works.”

Lopez should know. The Boricua’s latest project might see her on the bigscreen, but Lopez has fulfilled multiple careers in an industry where most pursuers are hardly able to take on one. Not only is she an actress, but she’s also a dancer, a singer and a producer. “It’s about trying different thing,” she continues. “It’s about finding your passions. It’s about not having one passion. Who says you have to have one passion? You can have 20 over a course of a lifetime. You can start learning how to play the piano when you’re 80 years old—what does it matter? You don’t have to do that when you’re five. Oh, I missed my boat. It’s not like that.”

For Lopez, “Second Act,” which hits theaters on December 21, is all about embracing the many passions and stages you have throughout your life. As she put it, “You have a new opportunity every day to be whoever you want to be, and that’s what this movie is about. You can always have a second act, third act, fourth act, fifth act. It’s really up to you.” Lopez’s thriving career and constant hustle are proof that there is value in her words. Like the movie “Second Act,” J.Lo encourages us to pursue our passions, because if you’re being honest with yourself you know you probably have more than one.


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