The Latina Creatives behind ‘One Day At A Time’ Bring A New Hispanic Family Comedy To CBS

Good news, gente! Our TV lineup is about to get a little more diverse.

As television executives see the success of media that value strong Latinx representation, more and more TV projects that utilize a fresh, new Latinx take have been announced. While we can’t wait for the new versions of “Charmed and “Party of Five to premiere, this new show has the benefit of NOT being a reboot.

CBS has greenlit a comedy centered around a Salvadorian family to be called “Just Like Us.” The show comes from “One Day At A Time” writer Debby Wolf and co-creator, Gloria Calderon Kellett.

The two became quick partners when Wolfe, who is Salvadoran-American, caught Kellett’s eye while she was looking to add new creative voices to the “One Day” writing room. Wolfe’s work made a strong impression and Kellett knew their shared experiences as Latinas would make for the perfect collaboration when it came to developing her own series.

“Just Like Us” will focus on a widower who takes in his niece while trying to balance his two grown children, his retired parents, and running his restaurant, which was entrusted to him by his wife. With that alone, I know many of us will be able to relate to the hectic family life. 

For this new series, Wolfe will act as co-executive producer while Kellett will executive produce showing that Latinas are just as unstoppable behind the camera as they are in front of it!


H/T: CBS Buys Latinx Family Comedy ‘Just Like Us’ From ‘One Day At A Time’ Duo

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