‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Actress Stephanie Beatriz Wants Hollywood To “Do Your Diligence” When Casting For LGBTQ Roles

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Stephanie Beatriz’s character Det. Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a breath of fresh air. A smart, hilarious queer Latina badass, her representation is long-overdo, but for Stephanie, it’s still not enough.

The Argentine-born actress, who, like her character, identifies as bisexual, thinks Hollywood has a long way to go when it comes to portraying LGBTQIA characters and stories.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, she talked about the need to have more queer folks both in front and behind the camera.

“I think there’s room to do your diligence as a creator,” Stephanie, 37, told the publication. “If you’re writing a bi character, did you look at a lot of bi actors for the role? Did you really go and find people that identified as queer? If you did then great, and if you didn’t find anyone you liked in that pool, well, that’s surprising. If you write a character that’s trans, the time is now — cast a trans actor. There are tons of them and they’re really fucking good.”

For her, once LGBTQIA actors are able to live their authentic lives without fear that they won’t get casted, and are able to land roles that show queer individuals in multifaceted ways, then these portrayals and stories will finally become normalized on the big and little screens.

“The playing ground is so uneven, and there have been so many straight characters for such a long time, and so many gay actors that have had to hide their sexuality to get the parts they want to play,” she continued. “What I would love is for a normalization of queer characters on TV. Where that character is x, y, or z — or LGBTQIA+ — and we’re just like, yeah.”

As you wait on Hollywood to get with it, check out what else the rising Latina actress had to say over at Teen Vogue.

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