Meet Natalia Reyes, The Colombian Actress Who Was Just Cast As The Lead For ‘The Terminator’ Reboot

credit: Instagram / @nataliareyesg

“The Terminator” is getting a reboot, and an up-and-coming Latin American actress was just snagged for the lead part.

Last week, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Colombian-born Natalia Reyes was cast in the film’s starring role. She will play Dani, a working-class Mexican woman who finds herself entangled in the war between humans and machines.

This will be Reyes’, who has appeared in children’s programs, Spanish-speaking series and, most recently, the hit film “Bird of Passage,” major movie for an American studio.

And she’s not the only Latinx actor in the forthcoming movie. Mexican-American Gabriel Luna, known for his role as Ghost Rider on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, will play the Terminator himself and Mexican-born Diego Boneta, famous for his role in Scream Queens, has also been cast.

The Latinx leads will be accompanied by original series actors Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Filmmakers Tim Miller, director, and James Cameron, producer, said they wanted to find a new face for the lead role just as Cameron did with Hamilton in the original 1984 film.

Reyes is repped by Vision Entertainment in the U.S. and Maria Clara Lopez in Colombia.

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