We Can’t Stop Watching The Videos Coming Out Of The #MatildaChallenge That Has Latinos Turning Up On Instagram

Step aside, #InMyFeelings. The internet’s next big challenge craze is coming straight to you by way of creatively hilarious Latinos and their love for a 90s classic and goodie. In social media’s latest dance and music challenge trend, fans of the 1996 film “Matilda” which stars a young Mara Wilson, are recreating one of the film’s most memorable scenes.

And it was all started by Latino Youtuber, Beto Pedraza on the social media platform Musical.ly.

The “Matilda” trend started in Central and South America and has quickly gone viral across the globe world.

“Matilda” / TriStar

Participants are reenacting a beloved scene from the film based off the book by Roald Dahl in which Matilda uses her Telekinetic powers to clean up her house while dancing to Thurston Harris’s “Little Bitty Pretty One.”  In the days since Pedraza’s original post, the hashtag #MatildaChallenge has gone viral with thousands of others recreating the scene.

Basically, all of the videos that have been posted are sweet and hilarious

Gente are putting REAL effort into recreating the scene.

Even Matilda herself, Mara Wilson, shared a few of the videos on Twitter.

The original video with this guy dancing is so sweet and hilarious.

People are even recreating the scene in their own classrooms.


A post shared by Colegio San Martin// Promo 19???? (@promo19_csm) on

But are you even old enough to remember this movie?

Like just look at the production value on this one.

People are going all in on recreating the scene.

Like getting REAL into it.

This one gets the award for most absurd though.

TriStar / Giphy.com

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Cameron Diaz Talks About That Traumatic Scene From ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ That Gave Us All Our First Taste Of Second Hand Embarrassment


Cameron Diaz Talks About That Traumatic Scene From ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ That Gave Us All Our First Taste Of Second Hand Embarrassment

Everybody’s favorite 90s romantic comedy, “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” is packed with various moments of hilarious victories that make the movie so lovable. The 1997 film stars Julia Roberts as a 27-year-old Julianne Potter who flies to Chicago to break up her best friend (Dermot Mulroney’s) marriage to 20-year-old Kimmy (played by Cameron Diaz). It’s filled with meddling moments and mini-disasters including one iconic scene made of a particular sort of awkwardness.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Diaz spoke about the one scene that prompted everyone to steer clear of karaoke bars.

My Best Friend’s Wedding/ TriStar Pictures

In one of the film’s most beloved scenes, Cameron Diaz’s Kimmy stands before a packed karaoke bar at the urging of Julianne and sputters and cries her way through Dionne Warwick’s “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.” The scene is awkwardly heavy, with Diaz’s blotchy, clammy, pink face tearing apart every note and Julia Robert’s conniving character’s satisfied smirk. The patrons in the bar sit awkwardly still in their seats as they watch the trainwreck and experience the ultimate form of secondhand embarrassment. Then suddenly, through Kimmy’s show of good sportsmanship, the scene turns around.

The patrons join in on the song, singing, and clapping. Julianne is noticeably dumbfounded by her failed scheme. No doubt, the entire experience was humiliating for everyone watching (audience included) but there’s also no denying that the proper people have been charmed, even us the viewers who were supposed to be rooting for Julianne, can’t help but have a change of heart over the girl who has a father worth billions.

That’s just good acting. Or, so we thought.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly for its latest reunion special, Diaz explained that the film was far more real than we might have guessed.

During the interview that commemorated the film which is now over twenty years old, Diaz admitted that the idea of standing up in front of the bar and singing actually, truly made her miserable.

“I was terrified to do that scene, for real,” Diaz, who is of Cuban descent admitted. “I allowed the true terror of singing in front of people to be alive in me. I wanted to run and hide, and Dermot kept me there. He said, “You can do it, you can do it.” In the scene I’m just staring at him the whole time because he’s looking at me like, “You’re okay. You’re not gonna die.” And I was like, “But I’m dying.”

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20 Lies Millennials Told Themselves In The ’90s

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20 Lies Millennials Told Themselves In The ’90s

It’s hard to believe that almost twenty years have passed since we officially exited the best decade ever–and by that, we mean the 90s, of course. For many millennials, it feels like only yesterday that we were at home, flipping through TV channels trying to land on “Rugrats”. Or better yet, at school, arguing with our friends over who got to be Posh Spice this time during recess.

But as the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, which means that we now know we weren’t quite living our best lives yet in the ’90s. In light of this, we compiled a list of all the unfortunate lies millennials told themselves during the ’90s. Take a look below!

1. That Putting These Beads on Your Bike Meant You Were a Badass


If we were forced to get around on two wheels, then you better believe it was going to be with style. Once we snapped these beads onto our spokes, the neighborhood kids knew better than to mess with us. Move over, Hell’s Angels!

2. That Christina Aguilera Was Going to Recruit You as Her Choreographer


Like any self-respecting pop lover in the ’90s, we were 100% certain that once Xtina caught a glimpse of the “What A Girl Wants” dance routine we created with our BFF, she would pretty much beg us to tour with her. We even knew what Limited Too outfit we would wear onstage.

3. That The “Carmen San Diego” Show Wasn’t Just An Elaborate Ploy To Make Kids Learn Geography


“Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego” was such an entertaining show that it took us a few years to realize we were actually learning from the iconic TV series. *shudder* If we had known that at the time, there’s no way we would’ve been half as invested in this wily woman’s whereabouts.

4. That You Were Eventually Going to See Wilson’s Whole Face in “Home Improvement”


Ax children in the 90s, it never even occurred to us that we would never get to see Wilson’s whole face in “Home Improvement”. We always just assumed that the makers of the TV show were too stupid to realize how annoying it was that he was always half-hidden. How wrong we were.

5. That Winning This Game Required Both Skill and Cunning


If we won a game of “Hungry Hungry Hippo” and we were up against a particularly competitive sibling or classmate, there was no convincing us that we weren’t a child prodigy with an IQ to rival Einstein’s.

7. That This Shampoo DIDN’T Burn Your Eyes Out of Their Sockets


Marketed as “Tear Free Shampoo and Haircare”, this”kid-friendly” formula promised to be a sting-free alternative to our Madre’s Pantene. And even when this shampoo made our eyes burn like fire, we refused to admit that it didn’t live up to its promise. I mean, the bottle was shaped like a fish! How could we doubt a product like that?

1. That You And AC Slater Were Destined to Be Together


Back in the ’90s no other boy on TV fulfilled all of our fantasies more than A.C. Slater. Played by the extremely charismatic Mario Lopez, watching “Saved By the Bell” was really just an excuse to drool over our be-dimpled Latino novio. Back then, we were convinced that we would one day be going by “Mrs. Slater”. On our wedding day, A.C.  would wear a muscle-shirt (and a bow-tie), of course.

8. That You Were Brave Enough to Watch “The Witches” Without Having Nightmares For Days


As kids, there’s nothing we longed for more than to prove to everyone how grown-up we were. In this case, we thought that being grown-up meant sitting through a horrifying movie about witches with disturbing special effects.

9. That Picture Books Counted Towards Your Pizza Hut Book It! Rewards

User ULFBERHT02/Reddit

There’s no way kids today could get away with “earning” a free personal pan pizza by “proving” that they “read” a certain amount of books for the month. Back in the day, this claim was an exaggeration at best and a downright lie at worst. But the pizza–now that was always delicious.

10. That You Were Safe Playing on These Death Traps


Parents of kids in the ’90s weren’t helicopter parents in the same way they are today. ’90s parents were willing to risk all sorts of potential injuries just for the chance at a few precious moments of peace.

11. That This Excuse For a Meal Was Actually Tasty


It took a fair bit of begging to get our parents to buy a Kids Cuisine. And then, after rushing home to nuke this colorful meal, we’d bite into it to be…underwhelmed (to put it lightly). But kudos to the Kid Cuisine marketing team for convincing us that this bland mush was worth the money.

12. That Wearing Candy-Flavored Smackers Was Practically the Same Thing as Makeup


As a young girl in the ’90s, collecting Lip Smackers was a right of passage. It meant you were almost adult enough to wear makeup–even if that “makeup” was actually just over-priced glittery lip-balm that tasted like Starbursts. Some even came with key chains!

13. That The “Wishbone” Dog Was Happy to Dress Up in Elaborate and Ridiculous Costumes


Spoiler Alert: He wasn’t. Although we loved watching this adorable Jack Russel Terrier dress up as Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood, there’s no way Soccer the Dog (yes, that was the dog’s real name) enjoyed the constant wardrobe changes.

14. That Butterfly Clips Would Never Go Out of Style


Being a little girl in the ’90s meant never having to worry about our bangs getting in our eyes–we had enough butterfly clips to remedy that situation. The thought of butterfly clips going out of style never crossed our minds. What other alternative was there? Surely not something as boring as bobby pins?

15. That This TV Show Was Appropriate for Kids


’90s animated show “Rocco’s Modern Life” was so full of innuendo and double-entendres that it has since become infamous for its hidden adult content. But as naive children, “Rocco’s Modern Life” was as innocent to us as any other Saturday morning cartoon.

16. That Pencil-Thin Eyebrows Looked Good


Out of all the horrible decisions people made in the ’90s (we’re looking at you, Bill Clinton), giving in to the “pencil thin brows” trend is definitely up there. In 2019, we understand that bushy Frida brows are really beautiful.

17. That Salem from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” Looked Anything Remotely Like a Real Cat


It’s possible that we were hyper-gullible as children, but for some reason, we always assumed Salem from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” was a real cat. Yeah, we knew he didn’t actually talk in real life, but we thought that maybe the cat was just trained to convincingly move its lips!

18. That These Were Too Delicious To Be REAL Vitamins


As children, we equated taking vitamins with watching our grandparents swallow a pharmacy’s worth of horse pills with their evening meal. We always liked to think that eating Flintstone’s Vitamins wasn’t really good for us–it was just candy that was smart enough to trick our parents!

19. That Collecting Beanie Babies Would One Day Make You Rich


We don’t know who got it into our minds in the ’90s that our Beanie Baby collection would eventually pay for our future self’s crippling student loan debt. But, whoever pulled that off owes us about $650,000. Plus interest.

20. That Stringy Bangs Were the Epitome of Effortless Cool

@giguerehair / Instagram

Up there with chunky highlights and black lip liner, stringy bangs were a 90s staple that seemed trendy and edgy. Back then, nothing seemed more stylish than completing your hairstyle with two skinny strands framing either side of your face. How little we knew.

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