This Producer Telling An Afro-Latina Afros Aren’t Elegant Is 2018’s Actual First Joke

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ICYMI: the “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami” series premier happened last night.

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The franchise’s latest series rolled out a whole new cast of players, including celebrity stylist Jojo Zarur and Gabrielle Davis, a model form Jamaica, and a human toilet plunger and music producer by the name of Young Hollywood.  Standby for clarification on that last one.

But most importantly (cue: drum roll)…

The show marked the debut of Dominican singer  Amara La Negra, and she’s already a frontrunner for audience favorite.

Though she’s a newbie when it comes to reality TV, Amara is a former child star from the hit show “Sábado Gigante” and proved on the premier episode that she’s hardly a novice when it comes to delivering juicy reality show smackdowns.

Within minutes of the premier, Amara called out the issues and racism she faces in the music industry.

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“If you don’t look a certain type of way, it’s almost impossible to be taken seriously,” she said before expressing her appreciation for and need to have diverse Latinas by her side.

And it didn’t take long to see an example of the many hurdles in the way of her goals – Young Hollywood being one.

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In a scene that has the internet’s head spinning, Amara has a meeting with Young Hollywood, looking to collaborating with him. It doesn’t take long for the producer to insult her looks, pointedly her (IMO) nothing less than fabulous afro.

After sizing her up, Young Hollywood tells her that in order to make she needs to sport a look that’s “a little more Beyoncé and a little less Macy Gray,” elaborating that then she’d look “more sensual” and “elegant.”

Amara challenged him, asking “so I can’t be elegant if I have a ‘fro?”

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Things went downhill pretty quickly after Young Hollywood raised his fist in a reference that mocked the Black power symbol, then poked fun at her for being “intense about the whole African thing.” He even called her a Nutella queen. Like I said, he’s a  human toilet plunger.

It didn’t take long for Amara to shut him down and nope right on out of there.

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“I’m extremely proud of my brown skin,” Amara said after bidding Young Hollywood good riddance. “I’m proud of my color, of the way that my hair curls, of who I am, and nobody’s gonna take that away from me. Not even Hollywood with his little slick stupid-ass comments.”

It wasn’t long before Twitter came to her defense.

We got your back, boo. ???

Others drilled into Hollywood for perpetuating stereotypes that Latinas only look one way.

Because, as Amara points out to Young Hollywood, we don’t all look like JLO, Sofia Vergara, or Shakira. Okay?

And you know Black Twitter isn’t here for that caca racism.

“A lot of people like to box me in because of my look or because I’m dark skinned,” Amara explained after the confrontation. “But that doesn’t make me less Latina. I’m 100% Latina and proud of it.”

And Amara works to teach ignorant people that loving your Latinidad shouldn’t mean turning your back on your blackness.

In just one episode, she has shed light on the anti-blackness that exists in the Latinx community, and that she won’t stand for it.

And BTW: Amara’s decision to walk out on her shot to work with Young Hollywood turned out to be a good thing. Following her debut on the show, Billboard announced the singer recently signed a multi-album record deal produced by Rock City, who previously worked with Rihanna, Beyoncé, Sean Kingston, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj, among many others. #BYEEEE

Check out the moment Mara La Negra steps up for Afro-Latinas here.


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