The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Just Honored This Latina National Treasure With Her Own Star And I Am Here For The Power

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Linda Jean Córdova Carter just helped boost the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s Latina power to fifteen. The half Mexican actress, most famous for her part in depicting Wonder Woman in the 1970s was honored with a star on one of Los Angele’s biggest attractions yesterday.

Officially, Carter is the 15th Latina to receive a plaque on the long trail of 2,632 stars. Carter’s determination and drive are cemented in every brick of achievement that has led to this historic moment.

Long before she harnessed a lasso of justice on screen, Carter was an aspiring singer.

CREDIT: @reallyndacarter / Instagram

Born in Phoenix, Arizona  the Hollywood icon came from a family of multi-cultural roots. Her mother, Juanita Cordova, came from a Mexican family and her father, Colby Carter was an art dealer with English and Scots-Irish ancestry. By the time she was in high school, Carter was already making moves towards stardom. With two of her cousins, Carter formed a band that featured a marimba, a conga drum, and her vocals at a casino lounge in Las Vegas. Carter moved on to attending school at Arizona State University where she eventually left to pursue a music career. In the years following, Carter pursued local Beauty contests in Arizona, an arena that at the time few women of color were allowed to successfully compete in, and ultimately went on to win Miss World USA in 1972.

Carter’s crown gained her the national spotlight and by 1974 she was being pursued by Hollywood.

CREDIT: @reallyndacarter / Instagram

After a few years pursuing acting lessons in New York, Carter nailed down a role in the 1974 police drama “Nakia.” Still, despite accepting offers for appearances on shows like “Starsky and Hutch” and “Cos,” Carter was still relying on her savings from her days of touring on the road with her band. Having begun to dip into the last of those earings, Carter was prepped to head back to Arizona when she received a call from her manager. Her earnest audition for the role of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, had landed her the show’s lead role.

“Wonder Woman” only lasted for three seasons, but Carter’s work on the show catapulted the series to cult status.

CREDIT: @reallyndacarter / Instagram

In the decades since the TV series’ first episode aired in 1975, the beloved comic book character of Wonder Woman has been portrayed multiple times by different actresses on both the big and little screen. Still, Carter’s version of Wonder Woman remains one that fans remember most when recalling the imagine the Amazonian superhero fighting for justice and Freedom. There’s no wondering why either, Carter’s performance made a hit show that easily spoke to the power and virtue of women and was nothing less than iconic. Here’s to this national Latina treasure and her new star!


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