In The Music Video For Lester Rey’s Reggaeton Banger ‘Ni Santa,’ A Trans Latina Video Vixen Owns Her Sexuality

Women are multifaceted beings, but most of the time our favorite Latinx jams — like mainstream culture in general — will have us believing that we only function as saints you wife up or putas you pipe down. In Lester Rey’s music video for the remix of his reggaeton banger “Ni Santa,” the Chicago-based artist reminds men that only women are the owners and definers of their sexuality.

“I’m saying que la mujer that I’m interested in joining on the dance floor ni es santa, ni puta. Like why there gotta be judgment? Es perreo,” the Puerto Rican neo soul singer told FIERCE. “Get down and be respectful or leave her alone if you’re approaching a woman with prejudgment.”

For the 29-year-old crooner, it was time to show that reggaeton can have a fire beat and lyrics that uplift women and the queer community, and to do this he enlisted fellow Chi-town Bori Lila Star.

(Photo Credit: “Ni Santa” / Gerardo Duran)

In the seductive video, directed by Gerardo Duran, the trans rapper-actress-pageant competitor, who is featured on the track, plays Lester’s video vixen. The first openly trans leading lady in a reggaeton music visual, Lila sensually grinds on the singer as he calls her to “baila mami,” even asserting herself as “la bruja de tu fantasía” before the two softly lock lips under red light leaks.

“A lot of times we are shamed for being too much of one thing, whether it being too sexy or too timid, and this song actually celebrates a woman for being herself, even if that comes off as good or bad, or simultaneously both,” the Puerto Rican-African American artist tells us. “And I can relate because as a person, and a performer, there are many sides to me, and I enjoy exploring no matter what people might think.”

The collaboration transpired after the two met at last year’s Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade in Chicago, where Lila was crowned Miss Cacica 2017-18. The pair began to discuss music, sexuality and gender when Lila mentioned it was her dream to be a video vixen, and Lester proposed an opportunity to make it happen.

“She is an openly trans Latina rapper, and her presence and energy on the song propels the idea that a trans woman can be a video vixen and a damn sexy one, too. The interactions between her and I are sensual, enticing and fits the message of the song,” Lester noted. “Plainly said, trans women are women, too, and this reggaeton song was a perfect place to declare that this Afro-Boricua trans woman is a star, and the star of a reggaeton song, a genre that often sheds no light on the trans community.”

(Photo Credit: “Ni Santa” / Gerardo Duran)

Lila, who called the project “bigger than I am,” hopes the music video will show viewers that trans women are beautiful, sexy and feminine and spark conversations that will continue to push the community forward.

The triple threat, who is working on her EP, has two short films set to be released this year, “A History of Wise Men” and “Tranheist,” while the always-movin’ Lester Rey joined forces with Los Marafackas as Dolor Folktrónico and released the angsty Tropical Bass-Neo-Perreo EP Sectio Divina last month.

Watch the tantalizing and history-making video for “Ni Santa” above.

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