Today’s Google Doodle Honors The Iconic Dolores Del Río And People Online Are Beyond Honored

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Iconic actor Dolores del Río would have been be 113 years old today and Google is commemorating her with a Google Doodle.

CREDIT: Google

Del Río became a world renowned actor in Hollywood in the 1920s. Her first major film was “What Price Glory” in 1926. She followed that with her first starring role in “Resurrection” in 1927. In her 1983 obituary, The New York Times reported that del Río was originally billed as a Spanish actor in her first movie “Joanna” in 1925 but she insisted repeatedly on having that changed to Mexican, which it was. In 1942, during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, del Río returned to her home country after her Hollywood career had ended. In 1943, del Río was in the film “Flor Silvestre,” beginning her Mexican film career. She continued to act in both English and Spanish until her last film in 1978 called “The Children of Sanchez.”

People on Twitter are loving the Google Doodle.

Del Río is considered to be the first major crossover from Latin America to Hollywood in film, according to Google. Her leap to international stardom as an actor from Latin America paved the way for actors and entertainers after her.

Even though she died in 1983, her legacy and importance can be felt today.

Not only was del Río a well-known actor, she was the first woman to sit on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, according to Harpers Bazaar. Now, a record number of four women sit on the jury thanks to the groundbreaking move by del Río.

Del Río not only participated in creating the arts, she actively worked to protect them as well.

According to Google, del Río co-founded the Society for the Protection of the Artistic Treasures of Mexico, which works to preserve and protect architecture and other arts in Mexico.

Not to mention, she is the source of some serious fashion inspo for those into old Hollywood.

A quick search of #doloresdelrio on Instagram pulls up more than 4,000 results that show off her iconic looks. Not to mention tons of amazing fan art.

This doodle is making all Latinos, Mexican or not, proud of our vibrant heritage.

Nice work, Google.

Learn more about Dolores del Río below.


Before Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez, there was Dolores del Río. Learn her story!

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