Find Out What Is In Store For You This October With This Month’s Tarotscope

This Month’s Theme: Personal Magic


It is your month Libra and as a result, you may experience a deep transformation in your relationships and partnerships, moving forward. You have managed to pass a big test, which required perseverance, faith and determination, while everything seemingly went off course. Allow October to be your reward for the difficult emotional work you have done. You will meet more favorable times as harmony and great love is entering your life. There are important choices for you to make that will continue to determine your path. Focus on what you need to thrive and how it will impact the loved ones around you. Relationships are of the utmost importance to you in October — and not just romantic ones. Take heed on any advice given to you by someone of great wisdom and care. They may give you an underlying answer or lesson that can serve you well.


October may appear challenging for you, especially if you have been weighing things heavily on your mind and still not coming up with a solution. If you find yourself doubting or acting on indecision, then take a step back and cleanse yourself. Whether that suggests that you take a spiritual bath or you focus on something entirely different for the time being, hold space for your discord. It’s important for you to get back to your grounded self and know that you have the tools and strength to act and shift appropriately if need be. If you find yourself conflicted then review the facts and review your heart. Give yourself a day or two of meditation and prayer to see what new information surfaces up to your aid. In some shape or form help is being extended to you. Pay attention to the details and be open to what that could be. Have confidence in your choices and sense of direction.


No one else can validate you like you can. October is the month of trust and faith. Your intuition may be screaming out to you in ways that you’ve never considered before. This can represent a new development in your gifts or an extra sensitivity to your spirit’s language that you’ve never realized, regardless, you’re evolving. Your soul is longing for intimate communication and for you to take the effort to connect with it better than ever before. Although it is simple and easy to ignore your intuition, make it an intention to honor it and to learn its language and speech. Tune into the synchronicities that operate in abundance this month and keep track of your energy during this time. All the answers that you’re looking for stem from within. It’s best if you learn how to direct yourself now, rather than relying on another person or people, to do it for you. See beyond what’s in front of you and get to what’s real.


A personal awakening is in store for your this month, as you begin to gain intense clarity on the truth and where you’ve been lacking in your life. Cosmically, this can represent a sense of urgency and motivation, to begin moving differently than you ever have before and to act on what you must. As you are ushered into this transformation, you might have to confront emotions, themes and people still pertaining to your past that are holding you back from positive evolution. Trust that there is great change happening in a specific area of your life, if not many; be patient with this transition and what is being revealed to you. Take your time and use your intellect to weigh out your best options. What was not obvious to the eye, will now appear to grab your attention to be healed and accepted. What you do now will have great effect in the near future; create the future you wish for yourself.


You’ve been dishing out positive karma and as a result, you’re in a position to receive all the rewards; sit back and embrace the blessings. The past months were trying in their own ways, October invites you to sit back and embrace the rewards of your hard work and faith. Although there might be a little bit of a road ahead of you, in terms of effort, it won’t feel as daunting, knowing that you’ve learned lessons along the way. Because of this, it’s important for you to take the time to honor yourself in a way that is organic to you. Take yourself out on a date, go watch a movie alone, dine the most fabulous of meals, buy yourself a treat. Do right by you. The very act of this triggers the universe to send you more of a pleasurable experience. The hardest part has been done, finish up what you’ve started and bask in your success.


Take back your power from everything draining you, old energies, past ways of living that prevent your evolution. You may find yourself a bit withdrawn this month, focusing on your personal needs and what your emotions are calling you to release. This is a cleansing period where you are required to release outdated vibrations, find closure in old ways and acceptance on what is. For some, this cleansing may require a physical move, physical change, a shift of lifestyle or and end habits and relationships. Whatever way it shows up in your life, embrace its work as positive and usher in the new energy knowing that ultimately you are in control of your direction. You are presented with so many ways your life could go. Use this month for deep introspection, to connect with your spirit and to get information on your next moves. Act on what resonates with you and don’t look back.


You have come full circle, Virgo! So much has transpired that it can feel as if you’ve experienced a personal graduation and you’re reaching greater heights of self-awareness and growth. The world is your oyster; take advantage of your new power and indulge. October is dedicated to supporting your spiritual development and will provide you with experiences for you to further connect to cosmic energies, whether that be through classes, meeting interesting new people, going to meaningful events, etc. Your awareness is sharper than ever, which makes you extremely sensitive to your intuitive gifts. The way you live your life might change as you know it, so don’t force yourself to go back to your old ways. You’re ready for the best that life can offer now.


You must be willing to face your past in order to embrace the blessings of the present. October might have you confronting things you need to find closure in, or must revisit before moving on with the rest of the year. Memories might have you feeling extremely nostalgic, longing for your old way of life but your spirit is only bringing up lessons and messages for you to learn from. If these are positive memories, what do they encourage you to do? To create more of that energy in your life? If there are negative, then what gems can you take from that experience that aid you in your personal evolution? How can you transmute that pain into growth and wisdom? There is something that you need to take from the past, that can help you with what you’re going through now. Don’t disregard this energy, further investigate what it’s trying to show you.


The more you put your faith in your intuition, the further you will accelerate in your life this month. If you’ve been experiencing delays, October will lift them straight from your path. Opportunities are aligning perfectly for you and because of this, October can be intense. Be on your toes when it comes to your personal hustle. Focus on what you can handle and if this means saying “no” to certain opportunities, know that you’re aligned with the right ones. That which you’ve been working towards and envisioning for yourself is rapidly happening. Periodically check in on yourself, if you need to put forth any more energy in other aspects of your life. Do your best at all times and the universe will meet you half way.


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