20 Hollywood Latino Icons And Their Best Kept Secret Stories

credit: kachanitextil / Instagram

When you think of celebrities from the Golden Age of cinema, it’s not likely you come up with many Old Hollywood Latino icons. Obviously, there’s a reason for that–show business has always been a racist industry, which has made it hard for Latino hopefuls to make their mark. Although this trend has gotten slightly better over time, the struggle Latino actors must endure in order to prove themselves is very real. This is why celebrities like Gina Rodriguez and Eva Longoria are making it their goal for Latino representation in Hollywood to be taken seriously.

Although Latino stars haven’t been as common as their white counterparts, that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. With this in mind, here is a list of Old Hollywood Latinx Icons that took showbiz by storm back in their day. Some of them, like Rita Morena, are ageless icons that everyone knows about. Others stars’ have faded with time. Take a look!

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