‘Party of Five’ Reboot Will Follow A Set Of Siblings Whose Parents Get Deported To Mexico

credit: Fox

In a year made up of classic ’90s reboots with Latinx spins, Hollywood executives have been eager to bring back the Salinger siblings of the Fox hit “Party of Five.” On Thursday, Freeform confirmed that they would be welcoming a reboot version of the show to their line up and that it will be a “modern reimagining of the groundbreaking original series.

The original series, which aired from 1994 to 2000, chronicles the lives of five siblings who lost their parents in a car accident.


Currently helmed by the show’s original creators Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser, Freeform’s new “Party of Five” series will still follow a set of siblings as they learn to navigate the world without the help and care of their parents. In a statement about the revival series, Lippman and Keyser revealed that they would serve as executive producers on the series. The two creators explained that the reboot will focus on today’s current political climate. This time, instead of following the lives of a white American family, the show will peer into the lives of the Buendías siblings who must cope with the loss of their parents to deportation.

“Today, stories of families being separated, children having to raise themselves in the wake of their parents’ deportations, don’t require any imagination; they are everywhere,” Lippman and Keyser said, in a statement about the new series.

With the recent backlash and terror caused by the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, there’s no doubt that new series’ changes will generate quite a bit of much-needed discussion across audiences.

Perhaps the most exciting news about the reboot’s Latinx twist is that it means more jobs and more influence for our community.

The pilot date for the new series has yet to be released and it is unclear which Latinas and Latinos we will be able to look forward on the new series. The exciting news is that Michael Zebede, a first generation Latina with Costa Rican and Panamanian roots helped contribute to writing for the pilot and Rodrigo Garcia, Colombian television and film director is set to direct.


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