Rita Moreno Got Frank About Her Sexuality And Epically Debunked The ‘She Still Has It!’ Myth About Older Women

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Earlier this week, Rita Moreno stirred a mass of smirks and dropped jaws when she admitted that Elvis Presley was pretty “meh” between the sheets. During an interview on ‘The Wendy William Show” the Hollywood icon and Boricua dished about her career as an actress and affair with Elvis Presley. And while, yes, she revealed some pretty juicy stories that even your abuela’s chisme circle would be fascinated by even after all of these years, there was more meat to the interview than just Moreno’s sex life.

Here’s the break down!

Moreno is one of twelve people to have ever won all four of the major American entertainment awards known as the EGOT, but she didn’t like to brag about it for a while.

rita moreno and elvis presley
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Moreno is the only Latina in history to have received all four competitive awards. She holds an Academy Award for her 1961 role in “West Side Story,” two Emmy Awards for her 1977 appearance on The Muppet Show and 1978 appearance on “The Rockford Files,” a Grammy award for her 1972 recording for “The Electric Company” and a Tony for her 1975 role in “The Ritz.” Still, despite her impressive accomplishments, Rita admitted during her interview with Williams that it took her years to allow herself to brag about them. In fact, it wasn’t until after her husband pointed out the importance of her achievements that she removed them from a BOX in her GARAGE and put them on display.  “I was always kind of shy about it, I thought it was like showing off,” Moreno told Williams before smiling smugly. “Well i don’t mind showing off now.”

During her interview, Moreno also got real about that Oscars dress she wore twice.

rita moreno and elvis presley
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Williams gushed over Moreno’s decision to recycle the dress she’d worn for the Oscar Awards back in 1961 when she won her first Academy Award and wear it this year for the ceremony. But before, Williams could go any further, Moreno corrected her saying “actually it didn’t,” Moreno said frankly before going onto explain that when she “tried to put it on for the Oscars this year there was a gab like this in the back, so we made it into a corselet and put laces.”

Of course, Moreno got real about being sexual and older.

rita moreno and elvis presley
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There’s a myth that Hollywood and media outlets perpetuate the moment a woman turns older than 50. Suddenly, they begin to market her as woman who “still has it!” If she’s older than 70, she suddenly becomes the “cute grandma” type who seems to completely have forgotten about her libido. Moreno, who stars in the Netflix hit series “One Day At A Time,” didn’t have to remind fans that she’s an older woman who never questioned whether she had “it.” Speaking about her role as the show’s matriarch, Lydia, Moreno highlighted her effort to ensure that the character represented real women by ensuring that the creators included one key trait for her role. “I said to them on the phone there’s only one reason I will do this but you gotta say ‘yes,'” Moreno explained while recalling a conversation she had with executives about joining the show. “I know she’s supposed to be 77, I’m 86, but i said she has to be a sexual person.”

Unforgettably, Moreno also opened up about what it was like having an affair with Marlon Brando and dating Elvis Presley.

rita moreno and elvis presley
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It’s not the first time, the Oscar-winning Latina has opened up about her relationships with the actor or the Rock & Roll icon. In 2013, the actress penned Rita Moreno — A Memoir and wrote about her eight year affair with Brando. In her memoir Moreno admitted that the actor pressured her into pursuing abortion during their relationship, cheated on her regularly and ultimately drove her to attempt suicide. “We were locked in the ultimate folie a deux, a crazy love that lasted for years,” Moreno wrote. “Until one day I quite literally was forced out of a coma and had to choose life over him.”  She also wrote about the days in which she dated Presley which “nearly always concluded in a tender tussle on my living room floor, with Elvis’s pelvis in that famous gyration straining against his taut trousers.”

Still, Moreno’s stories about Brando and Presley gained more attention this week when she revealed that in comparison to the sex she had with Marlon, sleeping with Presley was a lot like “amateur night.” OUCH. She also admitted to Williams that Presley “slayed me good because he was the king of everything. Everything.”

Check out Moreno’s appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” here.


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