First Oscar-Winning Latina Rita Moreno Re-Wears Historic Gown At This Year’s Academy Awards

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Rita Moreno made history 56 years ago when she became the first Latina to win an Oscar for her role as Anita in “West Side Story” in 1962. Since then, only six Latinx actors have taken home the coveted prize. The Puerto Rican megastar reminded the Academy Awards, which had zero Latino nominees at its 90th ceremony, of this reality by re-wearing her classic gown on the red carpet.

“Do you know about this gown? This is a 56-year-old gown that I wore when I won my Oscar in 1962,” Moreno, who won “Best Supporting Actress” that year, told People. “It’s been hanging in my closet, and I go and stroke it now and then.”

The 86-year-old, who was accompanied by her daughter, Fernanda Luisa Fisher, wasn’t able to walk the red carpet with her evening dress during her historic win because that wasn’t yet a feature of the Academy Awards.

More than five decades later, however, and the vintage frock somehow feels 2018 glam. Made in the Philippines, it has a black strapless top with a sweetheart neckline as well as a dramatic, bell-shaped skirt with a metallic gold design.

“I would think it would tarnish,” the actress, the only Latina to have won Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards, told E!.

Moreno’s iconic dress isn’t just a timeless look but the historic win behind it also remains significant to Latinas today.

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