Rosario Dawson Is Calling For Common Sense Reforms To How Incarcerated Women Are Treated And She Wants You To Join Her

Rosario Dawson has long used her affluence and celebrity to champion social justice issues, from immigration and climate change to sexual violence and economic justice. Now the Cuban-Puerto Rican actress is calling for common sense reforms to how women are treated in the federal prison system.

“Everyone, including incarcerated women, can live with dignity so please stand with us to reform the criminal justice system,” Dawson, 38, said in a post on Instagram announcing her involvement in #cut50’s Dignity campaign.

#cut50, a national initiative to reduce the prison population, teamed up with Alicia Keys’ “We Are Here Movement” and the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls to start Dignity. The crusade, influenced by Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren’s Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, advocates for legislation that improves the treatment of women behind bars and better prepares them for rehabilitation.

“Did you know that 80% of incarcerated women in America are mothers? That 90% of women behind bars are survivors of sexual violence? Or that 2,000 women give birth behind bars every year? Help us start the conversation and create some change,” Dawson added.

The movement, led by formerly incarcerated women across the country, is particularly interested in ending the re-traumatization of women behind bars, from stopping the use of shackles during childbirth to housing mothers in facilities close to their children.

Dawson, along with celebrities like Ellen Pompeo and David Arquette, are asking fans to purchase “Dignity” t-shirts, with funds from sales going to help educate the public about the treatment of incarcerated women, share their stories and build a movement to bring transformation to the system.

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Fingers Crossed Rosario Dawson’s Relationship With Cory Booker Will Give Us Our First U.S. Primera Dama


Fingers Crossed Rosario Dawson’s Relationship With Cory Booker Will Give Us Our First U.S. Primera Dama

Last Thursday, veteran actress Rosario Dawson confirmed that she and Democratic Presidential nominee Cory Booker are dating. This finally confirmed the rumors about the two of them that had been circulating for weeks.

Speculation of a relationship between Dawson and Booker started when they were spotted spending time together in both New York City and Washington, D.C.

When Corey Booker appeared on the radio show the Breakfast Club last month, he vaguely confirmed a relationship by saying that he was dating someone “really special” and playfully referred to her as his “boo”. He went on to say that this special someone would make a “great First Lady”.

Meanwhile, Dawson fully confirmed the relationship when she was stopped by TMZ reporters at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, on Thursday.

In response to a question posed as to whether her and Booker are dating, Dawson responded: “very much so”.

The TMZ reporter first asked Dawson if she thinks Booker would make a good president, to which she responded: “I think so, yeah. He’s an amazing human being”. Dawson told TMZ when asked if Booker would make a great president.

When further questioned about the status of their relationship and the possibility of wedding bells in the future, Dawson laughed and responded, “I have no idea”.

“I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much,” she said.

Dawson went on to describe Booker as “brilliant and kind and caring and loving” before wrapping up the impromptu interview.

Dawson herself is no stranger to political activism. The “Jane the Virgin” actress co-founded the organization Voto Latino which aims to “encourage young Hispanic and Latino voters to register to vote”.

As for Latina Twitter, its feelings about the #Cosario relationship runs the gamut.

It’s easy to understand that people have mixed feelings towards the unusual pairing of politics and Hollywood.

This Latina was all positivity:

Well good for them I’m glad for @CoryBooker he’s able to have an enjoy a private life wish them both the best ????❤— Maria Alvarez (@MariaAl25005903) March 14, 2019

From Dawson’s praise of Booker, by all accounts, it seems that they’re very happy together.

Some Twitter users were still salty about Dawson’s controversial political opinions during the 2016 election.

Is she going to campaign for Bernie Sanders and vote against him like she did for Hillary? Be careful Cory!— Mari (@MariPRCAL) March 14, 2019

Dawson was a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter in the 2016 election and, ultimately, vocally decided against voting for Hillary Clinton once she became the Democratic nominee.

Other people weren’t so happy that a politician is dating a celebrity.

Cory Booker is dating Mimi? I mean, Rosario Dawson?! These politicians are getting crazy as hell dating all these celebs. ????— KBK (@ikickkkthetruth) March 14, 2019

Many people like to keep politics and entertainment separate–for good reason.

And of course, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but many were pumped about the idea of Rosario becoming a First Lady.

First Lady Rosario Dawson of Puerto Rico and Cuba??? Now that’s the 2020 im living for.

Whatever the future holds with the new couple, we definitely wish them the best. And as always, if you want to make sure your voice is heard in the upcoming 2020, make sure to take the time to register to vote!

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A Little Over 27 Million Latinxs Are Eligible To Vote This Year, These Latinas Are Doing Their Best To Make Sure They Do Despite Poor Track Records

things that matter

A Little Over 27 Million Latinxs Are Eligible To Vote This Year, These Latinas Are Doing Their Best To Make Sure They Do Despite Poor Track Records

This midterm, the Latinx vote matters. While previous trends have shown that Latinx turnout to the poles is often less than stellar, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that after enduring half of a presidential term rife with attacks on our community that the 27.3 million Latinxs eligible to vote this year will make a difference. Some of the most influential Latinas in the entertainment industry feel the same way. Earlier this week on Sunday, politically minded actresses such as America Ferrera, Gina Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson, and Eva Longoria banded together in Miami to inspire voter turnout within the American Latinx community.

Wearing matching “Phenomenally Latina” t-shirts, one by one, the phenomenal women took the stage to speak about the importance of participating in democracy.

The event, called “A Rally to the Polls,”  was sponsored by the organization Voto Latino. The group which was co-founded by actress and activist Rosario Dawson doubled as a rally for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, whom the Latina stars encouraged the crowd to vote for. Speaking to a captive audience about the constant state of fear many Latino communities live in during the prevailing divided political climate Gina Rodriguez explained that the current mood of the country has her and others understandably feeling fearful and, at times, slightly defeated. “I stand up here with shaking hands just thinking, man, I get it. It’s scary. I get it, it feels helpless. I get it, it feels like a lot. And when you feel that way, know that when you vote, you smash all of that fear”.

In contrast, Eva Longoria got real about the anger she feels as a Latina in Trump’s America.

From the stage, she stated: “I want to tell you all: we’re under attack. Latinos are under attack” and then explained that through voting, Latinos “have the power to end Trump’s agenda against the Latino community”. Later, in a statement that echoes the thoughts of millions of Latinas across the US, Longoria stated, “We’re Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, but we have way more similarities than we do differences…It’s about finding that common ground, and not just with Latinos, but Americans”.

After rallying for votes in Kissimmee, Florida, the self-entitled “Badass Banda” traveled down to Miami where they attended a Latinas Stand Up rally that took place in Little Havana. It was here that Saldana took to the stage and got real about what the average Latino family looks like, regardless of prevailing stereotypes: “We are decent people that work. We take care of our elderly. We take care of our children. We take care of our communities, and we love America”.

The star-power of these influential Latinas is especially important in a year where mid-terms are neck-and-neck in many areas. With Latinos making up 12.8% of all eligible voters this election, the Latino vote is considered to be extremely important in key races come November 6th. This means that mobilized Latina voters could change the outcome of certain campaigns, virtually guaranteeing our voices are heard for years to come on important issues such as reproductive rights, immigrant rights, and economic equality.

Like America, Zoe, Gina, Rosario, and Eva, said before, we repeat”: Vote. Every mujer has the power to change the future, including you.

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