Salma Hayek Reminded Men At The BAFTA Awards That They Don’t Always Have To Be The Center Of Attention

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Salma Hayek did not come to yesterday’s 2018 BAFTA Awards to make friends. In a night filled with a sea of black attire and a few speeches made in support of #MeToo, the “Frida” actress seems to have actually turned up to play games on men and prop up the Time’s Up movement. 

In one of the most aware and women-focused moments of the night, Hayek reminded the entertainment industry what’s really important in entertainment right now.

Hayek gave men some shade while presenting at the BAFTA awards show on Monday.


After taking the stage to present the category of Best Actor, Hayek used the stage to remind watchers of how the Time’s Up movement was arguably much more deserving of acclaim. “In this very important and historical year for women,” Hayek said prefacing her announcement of the awards winner. “I am here on this legendary stage to celebrate men.”

Her announcement of the winner was not completed until she made one last troll, however.

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After pulling out the anticipated announcement from a golden envelope, Hayek announced the award’s victor. “And the winner is… Frances McDormand!” she exclaimed to the crowd.

Hayek eventually revealed that the actual winner of the award was Gary Oldman, but LBR her trolling completely stole the show.

And if I’m being really honest, I would not have protested it if Frances McDormand or Salma had actually won the men’s category.

In fact, Twitter could not stop talking about her appearance.

Seriously, Hayek’s activism has been straight up lighting it up for me lately.

And practically everyone who witnessed the hilarious moment wants more.

Seriously, can we get a campaign going for more resistance for this award show season? Fingers crossed our girl shows up for the Oscars. #Salma2018!


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