Twitter’s Going Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Over ABC’s Announcement Of A Selena Inspired Series

This upcoming March marks the 23rd anniversary of the death of our queen, Selena Quintanilla. Despite her death, Selena’s family and fans have done their fair share to keep the icon’s story alive. First came the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez that is iconic on its own, and more recently, Selena got her own MAC Cosmetics line and scored a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Now, fans are getting another shot at revisiting Selena’s saga.

Bigtime broadcast television network ABC just confirmed that they have committed to a series inspired by Selena.


The project is being produced by Selena’s brother and sister, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. and Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga and has yet to be titled. Miguel Nolla, former writer of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” is set to write and co-produce the series. The word is still out on whether Selena’s widower, Chris Perez, will have any input on the show. Last year, Perez’s efforts to create a series about her life were halted after her father, Abraham Quintanilla, filed a lawsuit against him.

According to a summary of the show, the series centers around an award winning pop star.


The series will follow Alex Guerra, a singer who has been estranged from her family for five years. “She tries to pick up the pieces when a crisis forces her to return home. Alex finds herself back in Texas, juggling a love triangle, the demands of her career and the dark secrets of the family that she now desperately wants to win back,” the summary explains.

The series doesn’t have a premiere date, but fans are already rallying for a hit.

The news for real has everyone’s hearts skipping beats.

But seriously guys, Seleñoritas are for real going crazy.

It also has everyone pulling for some proper POC casting.

???So true.???

You better not mess this up for us ABC!

LBR, if ABC plays their cards right they could have another rising star on their hands.

Because REMEMBER. The last time someone played Selena for a major network she became J.Lo.

However some are skeptical that Selena is being used as a marketing ploy.


But here’s a hoping this inspired series brings that disco medley to the screen.


And twists that are at least half as stellar as the queen’s.



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