This New Film About A Guatemalan Deaf Woman Is Combatting The Entertainment’s Disability Representation Problem

credit: Septiembre, Un Llanto En Silencio / Netflix

It’s not every day that the entertainment industry makes an effort to introduce audiences to the storylines of characters with physical disabilities. When these characters do make an appearance, they’re hardly ever people of color, or more specifically Latinas. Guatemalan director Kenneth Müller is giving audiences a chance to see these stories with a new movie inspired by his experience of watching his brother cope with becoming permanently deaf after a guerrilla terrorist bombing stole is hearing.

“Septiembre, Un Llanto En Silencio,” or “September, a silent cry”  is a new movie now available for streaming on Netflix.

The film’s narrative follows the story of a young girl, Theresa (portrayed by Constanza Andrade, who is not deaf), who loses her hearing and her mother as an infant after terrorists strike a bus that they travel on in Guatemala. The Spanish-language film shows how her father learns to raise her on his own and how she strives to achieve a life beyond the sheltered environment she was raised in.

In an interview with CNN, Müller explained how a similar attack afflicted his brother and how he found the motivation to tell a similar story. The movie takes place during the years of internal armed conflict that ravaged Guatemala from 1960 to 1996.

A diverse cast of characters and storylines make up the film, making it truly unique.

From Theresa’s Afro-Latina sign language teacher, who uses a wheelchair to dig into the history of a Latin American country, Müller’s story seems to do its part in effectively highlighting real and compelling stories that are so often passed over in the entertainment industry.

Check out the trailer for the film below.

Trigger warning: a terrorist act is shown in the below video

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