Shonda Rhimes Announces A ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff That Puts A Latina In The Starring Role

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Time to break out the scrubs and champagne, Grey’s fans! News is in from Shondaland headquarters about its latest addition to the TGIT lineup and the excitement alone is giving me heart palpations. Show creator Shonda Rhimes has created a new spinoff to her long-running mega-hit hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” and fans are so ready.

Creators of the new spinoff have finally announced the show’s name and premier date.

The spinoff is called “Station 19,” and its two-hour premiere airs March 22 at 9 p.m. According to Variety, the show will focus on a team of Seattle firefighters who work at the the titular post Station 19.

Lucky for us, the group of firefighters will have lives that are closely connected with the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial. (!!!!!!!!!!!!) So fingers crossed we can expect some major crossover moments.

And that’s not all folks!

“Station 19” has an “emotional anchor” of the show ( a la Meredith Grey) in it’s star, and she’s Latina!

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Jaina Lee Ortiz, formerly of “Rosewood,” will take on the role of firefighter Andy Herrera. From what we already know about her character (she’s self assured and the daughter of the station’s fire chief) she’ll have a pretty complex role on the show. And since it’s a Shondaland show, we’re sure to be in for lots of drama.

As you might have already guessed, the news has pretty much set fire to Twitter.

And it’s not a surprise at all. Do you remember the last time Grey’s got a spinoff? I do! It was called “Private Practice” and it was EVERYTHING.

 Even America Ferrera is heated.

Because this is some amazing TV about to happen!

And it makes sense because IMHO things can only get better when you bring a Latina into the mix.

I mean tell me I’m wrong. “Grey’s Anatomy” only got better when Callie Torres (AKA Callie Orthopedic Badass & Medical Mystery Solver Toress) came to the show. Plus, we NEED more Latino representation on TV, and Rhimes is so great at crafting characters that shatter stereotypes.

Okay seriously, where’s the hose guys? 

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Because I’m just way too excited. I need a cool down.


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