The 90’s Latinx Icons That Changed the Industry Forever

If you’re a 90s kid, you definitely have a few pieces of pop culture from your childhood that you hold close to your heart. And if you’re a Latinx 90s kid, the chances are that if that show or movie or song involved someone Latinx, then you were downright obsessed. You could actually make the argument that 90s Latinx Icons were some of the first Latinx stars that wore their identity proudly on their sleeves. And this was, after all, decades before being “woke” was mainstream–repping your heritage wasn’t as easy to do then as it is now.

So without further ado, here is a list of 90s Latinx Icons that laid the foundation for current Latinx stars like Gina Rodriguez, Pitbull, Oscar Isaac, and Cardi B. Without these sexy stars paving the way for Latinxs in the industry, who knows where we would be now in terms of equal representation.

1. Jennifer Lopez

CREDIT: @estherzepeda_/Instagram

You can’t tell us you’re surprised that we started this list off with Queen Triple-Threat herself, Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of a 90s Latinx Icon. She danced, sang, acted, and managed to do all three successfully while looking absolutely incredible. Although Jennifer Lopez was vocally proud of her Puerto-Rican heritage, she also didn’t let it limit her in terms of the projects she pursued. JLo cast aside stereotypes and starred in rom-coms as well as thrillers. She released both English and Spanish Language albums. She defined 90s-era stardom and continues to reinvent herself into today.

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