The CW Just Confirmed That All Three Witches In The “Charmed” Reboot Will Be Latina

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When the CW first announced it would be doing a reboot of the 90s witch show Charmed, the internet’s reaction was pretty tepid. When a list of the “unofficial names” of the show’s three sisters had been released, plenty of us were left unimpressed with the network’s attempt to convince us they’d be creating a new and “feminist” series. Admittedly, with names like Macy, Mel, and Madison Pruitt being used as placeholders for the main cast’s names, I became pretty convinced of the very non-POC direction the show was headed.

Then, slowly, the CW turned the tables. Last month the network announced that they had cast two Latinas and their latest announcement officially means the show has hit the Bruja trifecta.

Earlier this week, the CW announced they finished casting for the show’s third sister.

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“Edge of Tomorrow’s” Madeleine Mantock has been cast as Macy, the show’s “witty and intense science nerd.” Mantock is a British Afro-Latina and will play the oldest half-sister of the characters being played by Sarah Jeffery and Melonie Diaz. (Fingers crossed the show uses Macy’s personal experience with Afro-Latinidad as a reason to raise questions about racism and colorism in the Latin community.)

So far the CW seems to have made an effort in including three Latinas from different backgrounds and experiences.


In addition to including an Afro-Latina in the cast, the show has also revealed that Melonie Diaz’s character will be a “passionate and outspoken” lesbian activist. With a lineup like that there’s no way the writers and producers of the show will be able to avoid including more POC and LGBTQ characters. (Also, does this mean Gina Rodriguez could direct? Just putting it out there.)


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