The Definitive List of Latino Contestants From “The Bachelor” Franchise

credit: ABC

“The Bachelor” franchise has long been criticized for its lack of diversity, and for good reason. Out of the 23 (!) Seasons of “The Bachelor” and 14 Seasons of “The Bachelorette”, there have only been a sprinkling of Latinx contestants thrown into the mix. After years of fielding complaints about its representation problem, producers attempted to rectify the situation by casting a (white-passing) Latino, Juan Pablo Galavis as the titular Bachelor in Season 18. They then cast Rachel Lindsay, a black woman, as the Bachelorette in that series’ thirteenth season. But despite its many shortcomings on the diversity front, “The Bachelor” franchise still has a large and devoted fan base who invest in its contestants, root for their favorites and hate the more villainous contestants with an undisguised passion.

So, in celebration of a new season of “The Bachelor” that’s premiering in January, we’ve compiled a list of all the Latinx contestants who have participated in “The Bachelor” franchise so far that we could find.

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