The Most Popular Songs From Latin America The Year You Were Born (1988- to 2008)

For many, music is associated with memories and is a nice way to take a stroll down memory lane. Listening to hits by Selena can transport us to the ’90s whilst a collection of Ana Gabriel’s greatest hits can send you to the ’80s. Music is also a great way for people from across the globe to connect with each other.

Often each period is characterized by its own respective hit. This article will explore that and tell you what the most popular song from Latin America was the year you were born.


The Year 1988

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In 1988, people all over the Americas were mad for the soulful vocals featured in Ana Gabriel’s “Ay Amor”. The ballad written and sung by the Mexican singer-songwriter reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and marked Latin’s increasing popularity abroad.

The Year 1989

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“Como Tu Mujer” by Rocío Dúrcal topped the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in 1989. The song lyrically portrays a woman’s deep passion and devotion towards her beloved. The Latin promotional single was written and produced by Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solis for the Spanish performer. It instantly became a hit and stayed as number one for ten consecutive weeks in the United States.

The Year 1990

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Rudy La Scala’s “El Cariño Es Como Una Flor” proved to be very popular in 1990. Amidst a backdrop of growing experimentation in the Latin music genre, the Italian-Venezuelan performer released the single which has since become one of his most well-known songs to date.

The Year 1991

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In 1991, Ana Gabriel’s name returned to the very top of the charts when she released her single “Es Demasiado Tarde”. Aside from closing up the year as the best performing Latin single of the year in the United States, the single left us all singing: ‘Lo debes de entender, es demasiado tarde.’

The Year 1992

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Ana Gabriel’s 1992 hit song left everyone wanting to profess their love when it was released. “Evidencias” debuted at number one on the Billboard Latin Songs chart and enraptured us all again with Ana Gabriel’s sweet voice.

The Year 1993 

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The classic ‘Me has hecho tanta falta’ heard at the beginning of La Mafia’s 1993 single “Me Estoy Enamorando” remains a signal to start crying. La Mafia has their roots in Houston, Texas and to date the Latin band has four Grammys to their name.

The Year 1994

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“Amor Prohibido” is one of Selena’s signature songs alongside classics like “Como La Flor”. Showcasing the Queen of Tejano’s vocal flair, the track left a lasting impression on people around the world. The 1994 hit is so iconic that even your abuela should remember the ‘el dinero no importa en ti y en mí, ni en el corazóóóón. Baby!’ that had everyone swaying their hips.

The Year 1995

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Selena returned to the top of the charts again with her fourth studio album, “No Me Queda Más”. This highly evocative song captured the hearts of many and its portrayal of heartbreak and unrequited love continues to be the subject of praise. In 2011, it was ranked as the best Tejano song by the Billboard magazine.

The Year 1996

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Love has never been the same since La Mafia released “Un Millón de Rosas” in 1996. The song caused hearts to tremble everywhere in North America with its amorous lines. The entire album peaked at number one on the Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart and earned the group a Grammy Award for best Mexican/ Mexican-American album.

The Year 1997

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Juan Gabriel released the sensational “Te Sigo Amando” in 1997. Those of you who watched ’90s telenovelas may remember “Te Sigo Amando” as the opening theme song of Televisa’s telenovela of the same name.

The Year 1998

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“Así Fue” was written and produced by the singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel and was performed by the Spanish songstress Isabel Pantoja in 1988. The hit featured the stunning voice of Isabel Pantoja and imbued every girl with a desire to cry over their non-existent ex-lover.

The Year 1999

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Conjunto Primavera’s 1991 romantic ballad “Necesito Decirte” became a hit in North America. As well as reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, the song popularized the conjunto song genre in many non-Latin American countries.

The Year 2000

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In 2000, the Puerto Rican former quartet Son by Four released “A Puro Dolor”. The Latin pop single spent 20 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Songs chart and also managed to reach the Billboard 100. It even won over English-speaking audiences which led to an English-language version of the track; this too charted in the United States.

The Year 2001 

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Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel reminded everyone of the dangers of love with his 2001 “Abrázame muy fuerte”. Juan Gabriel received a nomination for Best Latin Pop Album at the 44th Grammy Awards for its release. The song was also the opening theme of a Mexican telenovela of the same name.

The Year 2002 

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Chayanne’s classic “Y Tú Te Vas” propelled the Puerto Rican singer to even greater stardom in 2002. It was the number one track of the summer and forever remains a bop.

The Year 2003

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Ricky Martin warned listeners everywhere about neglecting the one you love with his 2003 song “Tal Vez”. Reaching number 74 on the Billboard Hot 100, it is safe to say that the release was a hit. The Puerto Rican artist is widely regarded as the King of Latin Pop and he’s recognized for bringing the genre to the forefront of the United States’ music scene.

The Year 2004

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“Más Que Tu Amigo” by Marco Antonio Solís reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. The song’s catchy beat makes it easy to understand why.

The Year 2005 

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“La Tortura” is a Latin pop song by the Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz. Featuring reggaeton influences and beautiful storytelling, it was received positively by critics. The song topped the charts in Spain, Venezuela and Hungary.

The Year 2006

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R.K.M & Ken-Y’s “Down” quickly became number one on the charts and in the hearts of dancing fanatics everywhere. The song released by reggaeton duo achieved the top spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and received a massive amount of airplay.

The Year 2007

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“Mi Corazoncito” by the Bachata kings, Aventura, certainly left an impression on people in 2007. Aside from topping numerous US charts, the song gained lots of attention in Spanish-speaking countries and reached number 84 on the Schweizer Hitparade. The single also earned two awards at the 2008 Latin Billboard Music Awards and one at the 2008 Premio Lo Nuestro.

The Year 2008

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The Panamanian singer, Flex, left us wanting more when he dropped “Te Quiero”. The song was a huge commercial success and topped numerous charts including the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks. It even charted at number 86 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is also known for being the main theme of a Mexican telenovela.

Enjoy the throwback!

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Video Dug Up From Cardi B’s Past Shows Her Saying She Used To Drug And Rob Men


Video Dug Up From Cardi B’s Past Shows Her Saying She Used To Drug And Rob Men

Stay grateful you did not grow up in the era of Snapchat/ Instagram/ Facebook kids because you can delete but your recorded actions can still come back to bite. Cardi B knows the story. While the Afro-Latina queen of Trap isn’ making any apologies, the latest video to be dug up from her past is requiring her to give some answers.

Video of the singer, recalling a time in her life in which she felt forced to drug and rob men while seducing them has resurfaced.

Over the weekend, video of the “Money” rapper recalling how she used to drug and rob men resurfaced.

The video, which was recorded during an Instagram live broadcast, sees Cardi as she goes on a tearful verbal tirade about her past. This after, someone apparently questioned her success and accused her of not “putting in no fucking work.”

“I had to go ‘oh yeah, you wanna fuck me? Yeah yeah yeah let’s go to this hotel.’ And then I’d drug [expletivie] up and I’d rob them. That’s what I used to do.”

Users online were quick to comment.

“The fact that cardi b admitted to drugging and robbing men she would take back to a hotel for sex blows my mind,” wrote Twitter user @itsangelaa. “That’s not ‘keeping it real.’ that’s a crime.”

“I wonder what woulda happened if it were the other way round,” @BTSisthecauseo5 commented.

At the onset of the backlash, the rapper seemed to take the comments rather lightly.

The following day she also tweeted “IM THAT BITCH THEY LOVE TO HATE, IM THAT BITCH THEY HATE TO LOVE and I love it.”

On Tuesday, however, after users on Instagram and Twitter continued to simmer, she was forced to issue comment.


In a post to her Instagram, the rapper responded to the comments about the video by saying: “I’m a part of a hip hop culture where you can talk about where you come from talk about the wrong things you had to do to get where you are.”

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Forever 21 Debuts New Line Of Selena Merch ‘The White Rose’


Forever 21 Debuts New Line Of Selena Merch ‘The White Rose’

A brand new line of Selena Quintanilla merch has arrived at Forever 21, and we’re all feeling muy excited.

The popular clothing retail store debuted “The White Rose” collection Thursday, with T-shirts, pants, hoodies and accessories celebrating La Reina de Tejano available in its stores and online. Prices range from $3.90 to $78.

On Friday, the late icon’s sister Suzette gave a sneak peak of the collection when she shared a video of herself sporting a hoodie with the “Como La Flor’s” singer’s face on it.

“Trying super hard to look cooollll in this new Forever 21 X SELENA hoodie,” she said.

Suzette, who famously played the drums in the Quintanilla family band Selena y Los Dinos, also attended a F21 meet-and-greet event at a Cerritos, Calif. location, where fans swarmed the shop in their Selena tops excited to take pictures.

“So much love and fun meeting everyone today,” Suzette wrote on Instagram after the event. “Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to really sum up how grateful I felt to receive all this love I felt today.”

But while most people are celebrating the new Selena-inspired gear and accessories, others have expressed disappointment, both in the brand and the Quintanilla family.

As for Forever 21, most of the items in the collection aren’t available in plus-size. According to the Revelist, of the 94 pieces, just six have curvy offerings, including graphic tees, one that’s not available yet, and plus-size jeans that are web-exclusive, and anyone with meat on their hips and legs knows how difficult it is to find a pair that fits, making in-store fittings necessary. Even more, while straight-size items include several crop tops, all the plus-size tops are full-coverage.

Several women of size expressed their disappointment in the collection’s lack of plus-size offerings, and Suzette, who also identifies as plus-size, weighed in.

“Hi, I totally understand but there is a couple shirts that are come in our sizes,” Suzette responded. “I really hope I can have the opportunity again to create a collection with a [lot] more for us plus size girls.”

Neither she nor her family, however, has responded to the second critique of the collaborative collection: That the Quintanilla family decided to work with a fast-fashion brand that is famous for sweatshop-like factories and animal abuse.

On Instagram, owner of the Etsy shop Barbarawarbara, called out the Quintanilla family’s ethics and double standards. The designer, who has created pins, pouches and shirts celebrating the singer, common among Etsy shops, revealed that the Quintanilla family threatened to sue her for inexpensive merch while teaming up with a big brand that has a troubling history, particularly for exploiting workers of color.

The debut comes almost two weeks before the 24th anniversary of the Tejana icon’s death.

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