The Trailer for Life-Size 2 Just Dropped and It’s Full of Latina Magic

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It’s been nineteen years in the making, but it’s finally here! On Wednesday, the internet practically broke when Freeform dropped the trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to 1999’s cult classic, “Life-Size.” The movie is set to premiere on Sunday, December 2nd as part of Freeform’s famous 25 Days of Christmas lineup, so we have a little while to wait. Over the years, the original film starring a young Lindsay Lohan has become a nostalgic favorite of millenial women who grew up admiring Tyra Bank’s spunk and charisma.

This time around, Latinas are in for a treat as Eve’s “special friend” will be played by Mexican-Honduran-American actress Francia Raisa.

For those of you who don’t know, “Life-Size 2’s” premise follows a doll, played by Tyra Banks, who is magically brought to life to help a girl in need of a mother figure.

Francia Raisa is known for both her roles on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and, currently, Freeform’s “Black-is”-spinoff, “Grown-ish.” This past year, Raisa gained acclaim for donating a kidney in 2017 to her friend and “Wolves” singer Selena Gomez who needed an emergency operation for her failings kidneys as a result of her Lupus. And although this isn’t Raisa’s first leading role in a very long career, it may be the one that’s the highest profile to-date.

What’s better, Francia Raisa is defying stereotypes with this role, as according to the official press release, she’ll be playing Grace Manning, the CEO of Marathon Toys, which is the company that manufactures Eve dolls. According to the synopsis, Eve will be helping Grace leave her hard-partying ways behind to become the leader Eve “knows Grace can be”. So not only is Grace successful, she is also flawed and complicated. This isn’t the first time Francia Raisa has played a character that defies the “sexy Latina” stereotype. Raisa has explained in previous interviews that while she felt pressured in her early career to take on stereotypical roles, she now refuses to take on characters that perpetuate negative stereotypes of Latinas.

As for Latina Twitter, it practically couldn’t contain itself with excitement over the trailer…














Needless to say it’s beyond exciting to see a show bringing not only one women of color to the screen (like it did the first time it came out) but two!

Many even reminisced about their fond memories of watching Tyra as little girls.
















I mean, who of us doesn’t remember that iconic butter-eating scene a the restaurant?!

In fact, it’s pretty clear our love for “Life-Size” transcends culture and language.



No but seriously !#@RY%^@!

For so many the chance to watch the sequel of our favorite childhood movie with kids is just too good to be true!












This time around might be even more powerful now that Eve’s co-star is a perfect example of Latina representation.

As for us, we cannot wait to see Francia and Tyra shine as bright as the stars they are in a lighthearted holiday movie. We love seeing Latinas contributing to representation on screen!

Check out the trailer below!


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