People Are Posting Their Freak Outs On Twitter After A Brazilian Pop Star Was Given Her Own Netflix Docuseries

credit: anitta / Instagram

For Netflix’s most recent docuseries, the streaming giant is betting on the power of Brazil’s biggest pop-star. “Vai Anitta” (or “Go Anitta”) is the service’s latest project which promises to take fans behind the curtain for an intimate look at the life of one of today’s biggest international music icons.

The docuseries will spotlight  Brazilian singer and social media queen Anitta and will premiere later this year.

Over the course of her six-year career, Anitta (born Larissa de Macedo Machado) has gained fame for her hits like “Meiga e Abusada” and “Downtown” while also accumulating one of the most impressive fanbases through her social platforms. With over 29 million followers on Instagram and 9 million subscribers on Youtube, she has the largest social following of any woman in Brazil. In 2017, Billboard selected her as one of the 15th most influential artists in the world on social, where she beat out the likes of artists such as Shakira, Rihanna and Cardi B.

In a statement released to FIERCE, Netflix revealed that the upcoming series will be produced by Shots Studios, the entertainment company behind Youtube names like LeLe Pons and Rudy Mancuso. The streaming site also highlighted that production “cameras will have unrestricted and uncensored access behind the scenes of her hectic routine: from the shows in Brazil to traveling around the world, through the interaction with the fans in social media and her personal life.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Anitta’s massive fanbase to lose their heads on Twitter over the news.

Basically, everyone is shooketh to their core and eagerly waiting for more news and trailers about the series.

One user even feigned having an asthma attack over the news.

Literally same. Where is my inhaler?!

For real though. Fans will not be the same until the movie comes out.

Here’s hoping we get a release date soon!

Check out the trailer for the new movie below!


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