‘Rotten Apples’ Is Exactly What We Need In Hollywood’s Post-Weinstein Recovery Mode

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At the tail end of what has already been a dumpster fire of a year, the Me Too movement highlighted that society has a major sexual assault problem on it’s hands. Since the break of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, every passing day has revealed claims against powerful men who have for years monstrously wielded their power without consequence. With Hollywood being a major industry to buckle under the allegations, many have been forced into begging the question of whether or not the entertainment industry can swing a cat without hitting a misogynistic abuser.

A new site is helping us to answer this question by highlighting the films and TV shows associated with the people who have, so far, been accused of sexual misconduct.

Rotten Apples acts as a search engine that digs up abusers attached to movies and shows they’ve worked on.

CREDIT: therottenappl.es

The site works essentially like a search engine. Users type out the name of any movie or show and find out whether or not someone associated with its production was accused of sexual misconduct. Movies and shows are flagged as “rotten apples” if one of its associates have been accused of harassment or assault. Productions that have, so far, remained in the clear get certified as “fresh apples.” This serves as a play on the use of “one bad apple,” meaning one bad person, to discount a much broader issue and the many people complicit in violence against women.

According to Vanity Fair the site has collected information on every “relative movie and television shows” as well as the names of 19,000 directors, producers, actors, and actresses.

The rotten shows and movies also bring up the names of production members who were accused of misconduct.

CREDIT: therottenappl.es

Kevin Spacey of “House of Cards,” T.J. MIller of “Silicon Valley,” and comedian Louis C.K. all pull up the site’s “rotten” response.

Of course, because the number of accusers and the accused continues to grow, the site isn’t entirely accurate.

CREDIT: therottenappl.es

With new claims of assault flooding news and media outlets at an almost daily rate, not all of the site’s identified films are so accurate. Vanity Fair reported last week in a profile of the site that Morgan Spurlock, who confessed to being accused of rape and assault, had still not been reported by the site when users searched for his film “Supersize Me.”

The site’s creators, Tal Wagman, Annie Johnston, Justice Erolin, and Bekah Nutt, are four advertising professionals based out of Los Angeles. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnston, the site’s creative director, said, “I think the tool serves as a commentary on how pervasive the problem is.” She says it’s their mission to “empower people with information.”

Hollywood’s much needed reckoning is providing us with quite a bit of hard-to-swallow information as more and more actors and directors get accused.

Still, keep your chins up, ladies. So far  you can rest easy knowing “Selena” is still fresh certified.

CREDIT: therottenappl.es

For now.


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