Tiffany Haddish Shades Fifth Harmony During Camila Cabello’s Performance And The Shut Downs Were Swift AF

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In case you missed it, the VMAs have a history of being all kinds of dramatica. Especially when Fifth Harmony members (past and most recent) come to play. Last year, after former member Camila Cabello departed the group with a sudden exit, the women who were left behind dramatically reintroduced themselves to fans at the VMAs as a four women troupe by throwing a Camila stand-in off stage.

This year, after Cabello cleaned up at the award show on Monday night, more drama ensued. This time it was stoked by fans who’ve clearly struggled with the parting of an iconic group.

On Monday, Tiffany Haddish and Nicki Minaj went head to head on an argument torn fans of Fifth Harmony have had for a year.

The public, and seemingly playful, spat occurred when Tiffany Haddish took the stage at Radio City Music Hall alongside Kevin Hart to present the award for Best Hip-Hop Video. While making an introduction for the award, the “Girls Trip” actress congratulated Camilla Cabello for the awards she’d been nominated for that evening. “Camila Cabello … is nominated for five VMAs tonight. Five of ‘em!” Haddish said. “I’m super proud of her. So, those of you watching at home: Hi, Fifth Harmony!”

Hart, who appeared shook by the comment like the rest of those watching in the audience responded by exclaiming “Oh, God. Oh, Tiffany went there. Oh, God. That just happened! You never know what’s going to happen at the VMAs.” Cabello shook her in response so as if not to encourage Haddish any further.

Soon after, Haddish announced that Minaj won the Moon Person statuette for her “Chun-Li” music video. It didn’t take long for Minaj, who is rumored to be collaborating with member Normani on a new track, to call out Haddish for her slight at Fifth Harmony once she took the stage. “Tiff, don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani is that bitch,” she said. “I’m just saying!” Fortunately, the rapper quickly cracked a smile and followed up her comment  with “No, I love you.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter to voice their shock at the exchange.

Not too many were surprised that Minaj took her moment on stage to shut the shade down.

The Trinidadian-American rapper has done this. few times at the awards show. Anyone not living beneath a rock during the summer of 2015 will easily recollect a fine moment in which the voice behind “Majesty” came down on Miley Cyrus for a comment the “Bangerz” artist had made about her in a magazine.

And as surprising as the moment was, many clapped back Haddish for stoking at a wound that has clearly not healed.

#1 Let’s stop pitting women against each other.

#2 Normani IS fire

#3 Love you Tiff but chill now.

So far, everyone agrees that they love Tiffany, but could do without the mean jokes.

After all, we gotta stick together and praise each other’s accomplishments. Not tear one another apart.


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