Turns Out Cardi B Has A Knack For ASMR

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Cardi B’s latest interview will give you tingles. In a recent video produced by W magazine the “I Like It” rapper and ultra ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) enthusiast drops some major whispers and that will rock your senses.

For her latest interview, Queen Belcalis revealed she’s got a talent that’ll make your ears prickle.

For two seasons, W magazine has interviewed some of the industry’s biggest celebrities in a series format that features them answering questions while conducting ASMR video. It’s a setup that plays into an audio-based sensory sensation that has garnered a massive cult following on video sites like Youtube. Those who feel a positive sensation towards ASMR often feel a physical response throughout their body when they see or hear something soothes and stimulates the brain. Some say the feeling can unleash a rush of tingles that feels like a blanket.

At the start of her interview, the double platinum rapper explains in a whispery voice that she’s part of the new auditory religion.

“My husband thinks it’s very strange and weird that I watch ASMR every single day to go to bed. But it gives me a very tingly, tingly, tingly, tingly, tingly, tingly sensation… sensation… sensation,” she explains before going on to whisper about life as a new mom or success as a rapper and what it was like making her music video for “I Like It.”

She also does us a big favor by dotting her interview with various pitches and whispers of soothing “okurrrrrs.” But your girl also gets vulnerable, she opens up about her fears of being a one-hit wonder as well as the joys and trials of being a new mother. “[Bodack Yellow] changed my life forever but I was also scared because the song was so big I didn’t know if the next record was going to follow up, I didn’t want to be a one hit wonder but I did very successful features following the record,” she whispered before going on later to say that her favorite thing about being a mother is having “someone to look forward to looking at every single day and night. I get very anxious to see my baby 24/7.”

It didn’t take long for the video to reveal that there’s a whole Latina subdivision of the ASMR community.

And they’re already rallying for Cardi B to come up with an ASMR record.

Literally, no one is surprised the Dominican – Trinidadian rapper has a knack for these kinds of noises.

And those “okurrrs” sound so much better in a soft trill.

So now the question is, will Cardi B’s next album feature her beloved whisper?

These chicas hope so.

Check out Cardi B’s full ASMR interview below!



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