‘Vida’ Premiered Last Night And The Reactions From Latina Twitter Are Proof Of How Much This Show Is Needed

If recent trends are any indication, everything will be coming up Latino when it comes to the future of the small screen. Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” has held a cast for five seasons that is filled with Latinx actors. The online streaming service’s other series, “One Day At A Time” has a Latina showrunner that also leads an entirely Latino main cast that represents a Cuban family. And even though the CW is bidding its despedidas to its hit show “Jane The Virgin” next year, it’s banking on the wiles of an all-Latina cast for its “Charmed” reboot.

Now, Latinx representation on screen is going premium. This past Sunday, Starz premiered “Vida,” a show that zooms in on the lives of two Chicana sisters who return to their east side LA neighborhood after their mother’s sudden death, despite their many reservations.

The morning after reactions to the show’s premiere on Twitter are proof that this one is a show that’ll be sticking around for awhile.

CREDIT: “Vida” / Starz

Mostly because on top of all of the representation the show is bringing, the series also has material that is just plain good shit.

Fans are feeling totally seen with the sex-positive women on this show.

This show is throwing down the guantelete and bucking any notions your mama might have about “good” Latinas. 

And there is literally not a single calladita on this show in sight.

Right off the bat, viewers of “Vida” see that the show has no plans on shushing up women or their outspoken tendencies. The show’s opening sequence observes Mari, a local Boyle Heights resident who is viciously protective of her neighborhood and the gentrification it is enduring.

Fans are lAO living for all of the Spanglish that the series promises to bring to the screen.

This show has lessons on lessons on lessons for those of us who grew up on Jamberger and conflei.  After all, what’s a show about Latinx communities with una pequeña spanish / inglés mix.

But they were also super present for all the conversations about gentrification.

And it really isn’t a homecoming until someone calls your sister a puta, knowwhadaymean?

And for all of the ways, the show brings it home for LGBTQ representation.

Not only do we get to see a non-binary actor portray a non-binary character named Eddy, we also get to see the various forms of acceptance and rejection this character experiences in their community. (TBH though I’m high-key ready to see what the show does for Afro-Latinx, Indigenous-Latinx, and every other Latinx representation now!)

Basically every Latina who watched last night is rallying so hard for this show’s future.

All over Twitter Latinas are embracing the show for being the “Girls,” “Sex and The City,” and even “Game of Thrones” that those shows were for white people.


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