Vogue Mexico Celebrates ‘Roma’ Star Yalitza Aparicio’s Rise Up Against Racism

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Yalitza Aparicio is a Latina in high demand. Since the release of the film “Roma,” her life in the spotlight has been a constant whirlwind. As an Academy Award nominee, Aparicio is jet-setting from one event to another, and for a good reason: people cannot get enough of her authenticity and pure beauty. In the latest celebration of the Mexicana’s success, Vogue México celebrated the rising star and all her glory.

Vogue México honored their January cover girl with a big party in her home state of Oaxaca.

CREDIT: Instagram/@yalitzaapariciomtz

In what seems to be the first time the general public has seen Aparicio return to her native state, Vogue Mexico celebrated the “Roma” star and the magazine’s 20th anniversary at the Patio del Huaje en el Jardín Etnobotanico in Oaxaca.

“At the end of January, and as part of our twentieth anniversary, we celebrated the most widespread cover in the history of Vogue Mexico,” the magazine stated. “Thank you, Yalitza Aparicio and Nancy García for celebrating this milestone with us in your native Oaxaca.”

In attendance included “Roma” co-star Nancy Garcia, who played Aparicio’s best friend in the film and is her friend in real life.

CREDIT: Instagram/@yalitzaapariciomtz

Other guests included editor in chief of Vogue Mexico and Latinamerica Karla Martinez de Salas. Aparicio’s cover is said to have broken records on social media, though Martinez de Salas told the New York Times she initially worried that the cover would spark criticism. She feared Aparicio would get unwarranted backlash.

Aparicio thanked everyone for their support and said it was an honor to be in her home state that she holds dear in her heart.

The fashion at the event was another cool highlight. Almost everyone wore a traditional Mexican outfit.

CREDIT: Twitter/@felipemnzp

Women wore long colorful skirts and traditional embroidery blouses. All the guests looked so beautiful!

Aparicio, who can currently be seen on multiple magazine covers, including most recently in Vanity Fair, is said to be working on a new project with actor Diego Boneta.

In an interview with the New York Times, Aparicio shared that while she’s breaking stereotypes of what people may assume of Mexican women or indigenous women, she is “not the face of Mexico,” Aparicio said. “It shouldn’t matter what you’re into, how you look — you can achieve whatever you aspire to.”


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