What the Cast of “Gossip Girl” Would Look Like As Latinos

It’s been seven years since “Gossip Girl” went off the air, but its legacy lives on in practically every teen drama that’s graced the small screen since. Who didn’t love watching the weekly cat fights, break ups make-ups, and costume changes that took place on this fictionalized version of New York City’s Upper West Side?

But although we were huge fans of “Gossip Girl”, we couldn’t help but feel irked by the white uniformity of its actors and characters. In its six seasons, only a handful of people of color had any screen time, and practically no Latinos whatsoever. Nowadays, in a time where representation in Hollywood is such a hot-button issue, a situation like that wouldn’t fly. So to remedy this situation, we’ve put together a dream list of what the cast of “Gossip Girl” would look like as Latinos. Take a look at our dream cast, below!

1. Blair Waldorf…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Camila Mendes


Who better to fulfill the role of Blair Waldorf’s bitchy spoiled princess character than an actress who’s already played that role? Camila Mendes, known for playing Queen B Veronica Lodge in “Riverdale”, would be perfect fit.

2. Serena Van Der Woodsen…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Paige Hurd


Paige Hurd, an Afro-Latina actress of Puerto-Rican descent, would be perfect as the carefree, former party girl Serena Van Der Woodsen. Just browsing her Instagram, you can tell not much acting would be involved to pull of Serena’s “It Girl” vibe!

3. Nate Archibald…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Alfred Enoch


Alfred Enoch, the actor of Brazilian descent known for his roles in “How To Get Away With Murder” and the “Harry Potter” franchise, would be the perfect as Golden Boy Nate Archibald. Enoch has all the qualities: handsome, innocent, with a dash of mischief. Plus: those dimples.

4. Chuck Bass…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Christian Navarro


Christian Navarro, famous for playing Tony Padilla in “13 Reasons Why” has the right blend of bad boy vibes and intelligence to act as Chuck Bass. Can’t you just see this Puerto Rican dream-boy saying Chuck’s famous tagline? “I’m Chuck Bass”.

5. Dan Humphrey…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Tyler Posey

credit: Variety.com

Mexican-American actor Tyler Posey has the perfect look and demeanor for the broody, tortured artist Dan “Lonely Boy” Humphrey. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks like he just stepped out of a paint-spattered Brooklyn studio apartment.


credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Kayla Masionet


Actress of Puerto-Rican descent, Kayla Maisonet, would be perfect as the offbeat, bohemian Vanessa Abrams. Maisonet is currently a Disney Channel star, but we would love her to flex her creative chops and play the artsy, aspiring filmmaker.

7. Jenny Humphrey…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Jenna Ortega


Famous for playing Young Jane Villenueva on “Jane the Virgin”, Mexican and Puerto-Rican actress Jenna Ortega would be perfect for the role of Dan’s sister, Jenny Humphrey. In the show, Jenny is young and innocent with a rebellious streak–we can’t imagine a more perfect choice to play her.

8. Lily Van der Woodsen…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Gina Torres


Funnily enough, Gina Torres guest-starred on the original “Gossip Girl” a few times as Vanessa Abram’s mother, Gabriela Abrams. But for the all-Latino adaptation, we would love to see this Cubana actress play Serena’s mother, Lily Van Der Woodsen. Can’t you just see Torres pulling off the role of a chic divorcée on the Upper West Side?

9. Rufus Humphrey…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Benjamin Bratt


Peruvian-American actor Benjamin Bratt would be the perfect actor to play Dan and Jenny’s father, Rufus Humphries. Bratt would easily be able to pull off the role of a former rock-star who happens to have an on-again, off-again relationship with Lily Van Der Woodsen.

10.  Eric Van Der Woodsen…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.


Dominican-born actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr. would be perfect to play Serena’s younger, initially closeted, gay younger brother Eric in an all-Latino reboot. Lendeborg has already appeared in queer media, playing the supporter best friend to the titular character in “Love, Simon”. We’d love to see him play a queer Latino character–a chronically under-represented community.

11. Eleanor Waldorf…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Justina Machado


Justina Machado would be perfect as Blair’s mother, famous designer Eleanor Waldorf. As fans have seen from her portrayal as ambitious businesswoman Darcy Factor in “Jane the Virgin”, Machado has what it takes to bring both Eleanor’s ruthless streak (she doesn’t mess around with her money) as well as her tenderness towards her daughter, Blair.

12. Cyrus Rose…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Cheech Marin


In the original GG, Cyrus Rose was portrayed by the successful character actor Wallace Shawn. In the Latino iteration, we would love to see Cheech Marin portray Blaire Waldorf’s nerdy and wealthy stepfather, Cyrus Rose. Both actors are short and bald and famous for being in cult classic movies (Marin in “Cheech and Chong”, Shawn in “The Princess Bride”).

13. Aaron Rose…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Diego Boneta


Pretty-boy Diego Boneta would be perfect as Serena’s brief love interest and Blair’s stepbrother, party animal-turned-teetotaler, Aaron Rose.Considering that Boneta starred in “Pretty Little Liars” as Alex Santiago, he’s proved that he can handle the twists and turns of a soapy teen drama.

14. Georgina Sparks…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Bella Thorne


Cuban-American actress Bella Thorne would fit the role of Georgina Sparks perfectly. Not only has she proven that she can play unhinged in projects like “You Get Me”, but she has also played villains that fans love to hate, like in the cult teen dramedy, “The DUFF”.

15.  Jack Bass…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played By Wilmer Valderrama


Wilmer Valderrama has the clean-cut looks and the acting chops to portray Jack Bass, Chuck’s scheming older brother. Sorry Wilmer, but we could easily imagine you plotting to overthrow a multi-million dollar corporation! That’s a compliment–we swear.

16. William van der Woodsen…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Jimmy Smit


Played by William Baldwin in the original iteration of Gossip Girl, Jimmy Smits has the perfect regal and intimidating presence to embody Serena’s estranged father, William Van Der Woodsen.

17. Carol Rhodes…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Rosie Perez


We would love to see Rosie Perez take a stab at the role of Carol Rhodes, Lily’s sister that likes to show up when she’s least wanted. Not only is Perez an Afro-Latina like Gina Torres is, but she would also bring an interesting edge to a character with a complex backstory.

18. Carter Baizen…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Ismael Cruz Córdova


We’d love to see newcomer and rising star Ismael Cruz Cordova play the seductive conman Cartez Baizen (originally played by Sebastian Stan). With eyes like that, it’s easy to imagine how he could convince every woman he encounters to trust him.

19. Aimee Carrero as The Narrator/Gossip Girl


Like Kristen Bell (the original voice of “Gossip Girl”) Dominican actress Aimee Carrero has a lengthy resume as a voice-over actress, mainly as the voice of Princess Elena in the smash Disney Channel animated series “Elena of Avalor”. We have no doubt that she could pull of the sultry and mischievous voice of the one and only Gossip Girl.

20. Dorota Kishlovsky…

credit: Gossip Girl / The CW

…Played by Sol Miranda


And last but not least, a dream “Gossip Girl” cast wouldn’t be complete without casting Blair Waldorf’s lovable and long-suffering maid, Dorota. Who better to fill Dorota’s shoes than Sol Miranda, the Puerto-Rican actress best known for playing Donna Maria Nuñez on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”? We know from her previous work that Miranda has the comedic chops to pull of the wacky, fan-favorite character of Dorota. We’d love to see her sink her teeth into this goofy character.

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