What the Cast of “Gossip Girl” Would Look Like As Latinos

credit: CW

It’s been seven years since “Gossip Girl” went off the air, but its legacy lives on in practically every teen drama that’s graced the small screen since. Who didn’t love watching the weekly cat fights, break ups make-ups, and costume changes that took place on this fictionalized version of New York City’s Upper West Side?

But although we were huge fans of “Gossip Girl”, we couldn’t help but feel irked by the white uniformity of its actors and characters. In its six seasons, only a handful of people of color had any screen time, and practically no Latinos whatsoever. Nowadays, in a time where representation in Hollywood is such a hot-button issue, a situation like that wouldn’t fly. So to remedy this situation, we’ve put together a dream list of what the cast of “Gossip Girl” would look like as Latinos. Take a look at our dream cast, below!

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