A Comedian Did An Impression Of What Cardi B Might Look Like In The Delivery Room And Fans Say It’s Shmoney

credit: @nataliefreidman/ Instagram , iamcardib/Instagram

When you’re a Cardi B stan it’s easy to love and be familiar with the rapper’s fantastic traits. No doubt, the ease with which this comes from just how real and open she is about letting us into her life. Transparency has been the Dominican-American rapper’s main M.O since day one in the public spotlight. The American born Dominican-Trinidadian has used Instagram to show so many intimate moments including opinions about cheaters and her sex life, that the transition of seeing her go from open about her life to a little more private as she gains popularity has been jarring for some. So, of course, most fans have already accepted that when it comes to her much anticipated moment in the delivery room the star will likely, and understandably,  keep what happens between her and her family.

Fortunately, one of Cardi’s fans is giving her followers a little glimpse of what things could be like for Cardi B on D-Day.

Comedian and actor Natalie Friedman posted the spot-on impression recently on Instagram.

Throughout the video, Friedman pretends to be the rapper in labor all while sounding off in signature Cardi B speak. Through her fake contractions, she screams ‘Eeeeooowww,” “Okuuuuuuurt” and ultimately delivers a baby who has “bloody shoes.”

The video, which was posted 2 days ago, already has over 640K views and thousands of comments.

One user who goes by the name ari.next.door called the post “ICONIC” in the video’s comment sections, another wrote “oh my godddd this is perfect. The nails ????????????”


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