Whoopi Goldberg Sort Of Said Charo Was Dead And People On Social Media Went Nuts

Spanish-born flamenco guitarist Charo has been captivating the world with her brilliant skills on the guitar and quirky persona for decades. For those of us in the Latinx community, however, she has long stood as an icon we hold dear and even as our own. The entertainer — born María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza — is more than an act of yesteryear, but rather a representation of what it means to be a woman that keeps up with the hustle. From appearing on countless of talk shows, to acting on the big and small screen, Charo’s career is an endless inspiration to ambitious Spanish speakers and Latinas alike, which is why when confusion about whether she was alive or dead sent many Latinas on Twitter into a massive search online that just about broke the internet.

That is all to say that despite years of making appearances on talk and variety shows, Charo’s most recent mention on The View sparked a particular roller coaster of emotion.

During last Friday’s episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg mentioned Charo in a way that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

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In a moment meant to recognize the deaths of influential celebrities and artists in entertainment that had passed away that week, “The View” host Whoopie Goldberg mentioned the death of actress Kim Porter and screenwriter William Goldman. She also mentioned guitar virtuoso Roy Clark who passed away on Nov. 15. It’s important to note, that at the top of the segment, Goldberg said she was mentioning three people of note, so the conversation would have normally ended there but instead, she went onto mention Charo. “She was known for being sort of a crazy blonde who was a guitar virtuoso,” Goldberg said. “That was what she was known for.”

It didn’t take long for viewers to quickly pick up on the host’s mention of Charo in the past tense.

Cue everyone Googling the life out of Charo’s name.

Wikipedia HQ must have been on fire trying to confirm this.

Like if Wikipedia doesn’t say Charo is dead, then it cannot be true. Can it?

People on social media quickly realized that Charo was very much alive, even though Whoopie oddly brought up her name.

Seems like Whoopi must have been on a Charo Spotify kick of some sort before the show and just wanted to bring her up?

But seriously, careful of those tenses girl.

We also Googled “Charo and Roy Clark” just to see why Whoopi would link these two guitar players and the only thing we could find was a picture of the two together at some party. Clark may have been a writer of one of Charo’s signature songs??

Fortunately Charo herself confirmed for the world she was alive and well.

Which TBH is a big relief since we’re still crossing our fingers hoping she’ll make another “Jane The Virgin” appearance this season.

And BTW not only is she alive, but she’s still doing the Cuchi Cuchi dance!

Because who could ever replace this woman?!

Check out the moment Whoopi suggested Charo was dead below.

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